Reuse Orange Peels Inside the Home and Outside too

Posted on Jun 11 2013 - 8:29pm by Dayna Hathaway


Oranges have so much more to offer than just a delicious snack or juice! I’m a big fan of reusing things, so I’m happy to say that orange peels can be reused for a variety of tasks. From the kitchen to the backyard, there are many areas where you can put orange peels to good use.

Keep reading for several ideas on how to use both fresh and dried orange peels. I won’t leave you wondering how to dry orange peels either. From the slow method for drying peels to the super quick, I’ve included it all.


Dried orange peels are great for starting fires on the grill. Image by Isaac Wedin

Dried orange peels are great for starting fires on the grill. Image by Isaac Wedin


Put Dried Orange Peels to Work Around Your Home


  • Add strips of dried orange peels to nylon stockings and hang in your closet or place inside a drawer as a DIY air freshener.
  • Use dried orange peels as a DIY fire starter for the grill or fireplace.birdfeeder-bee-orange
  • Dry an orange halve and use it as a small bird feeder. Use a needle to add holes in the sides of the dried orange, and add string. For decoration, add an inexpensive charm. For my DIY bird feeder, I reused a charm from a Burt’s Bees package!
  • And, of course, you can always include dried orange peels inside a batch of homemade potpourri!



Simple Ways to Reuse Fresh Orange Peels


  • Use orange halves as seed starters for plants.
  • Place orange peels in your flowerbeds to prevent roaming cats from using your pretty beds as their toilets. The nerve of some cats….
  • Keep bothersome insects away from your garden by sprinkling orange peels in the soil. To protect an individual plant, tear the orange peel and place it around the stem of the plant.


  • Release an orange aroma from your oven! Follow my directions below for baking orange peels. If you bake orange halves, use them as scoops for birdseed, or as sandbox toys.
  • Create a simmering fragrance to freshen the air for guests. Place orange peels and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and simmer, but don’t leave unattended.
  • Use your orange peels to scrub the sink! After that, run the peelings through the garbage disposal to freshen things up even more.


How to Dry Orange Peels Explained in Three Ways


Whichever method you choose for drying your peels, you should remove as much of the white pith inside the orange peel as possible. You can dry oranges with the pith inside, but it will take longer. If you’re using your orange peels in recipes, you must remove the pith, or enjoy a bitter taste! To remove the pith, use a serrated spoon or knife.

Slow Method for Drying Orange Peels: The slow method for drying orange peels takes up to five days. Place your peels in a plate by a sunny window, or cut your peels in one long, beautiful string and hang them up to dry near a window in your home.

This dried orange cup was baked in the oven for a few hours.

This dried orange cup was baked in the oven for a few hours.


Quicker Method for Drying Orange Peels: To speed things up a bit, dry your orange peels outside during a hot, dry day. This works best when the outside temperature is around 90 degrees with humidity of about 60 percent.

Speedy Method for Drying Orange Peels: If it’s chilly or wet outside, you can still dehydrate orange peels in about four or five hours by baking them on a baking sheet in the oven at 160 degrees. Flip the orange peels from time to time, and check them to see if they’re dry. If you need to go out, just switch the oven off, and leave the peels inside to continue baking with residual heat.


When you’re finished drying your peels, store them in an airtight jar until you’re ready to use them. And don’t forget to enjoy eating your oranges!


What is your favorite method for drying orange peels? How do you use orange peels around your home?