Every Week in the Summer is Fun with Kids

Posted on Jun 10 2013 - 10:37pm by David Decker


Last year my friend Anna did a great job getting her family organized for summer so I asked her to write another article on her tips for summer fun. Thanks Anna.  – Jessica Johnson

We’re starting to plan our summer already. Last year we made a huge list on a poster board of all of the things we wanted to do (see post here). It was great, but we’ve been planning a different way to do summer this year. Every day of the week will have a different “theme” that we can all participate in after we finish our chores (just like last year). Monday is for Movies, Water on Wednesdays, etc.

Here are some of my ideas so far for what we are planning.


Movie Mondays

Photo via Andruloyd.tumblr.com

Photo via Andruloyd.tumblr.com

Our dollar theater has a special summer movie club for kids. You can get the whole summer package of 10 movies for $5 and they play all kinds of G and PG movies during the summer. We can also go get a special rental at Redbox or watch something new on Netflix.

I would also love to do one of these outdoor movies (like this or this) and try some fun snacks like these: one, two, three.


Trail Tuesdays

We love to hike. Where we live, there are twenty trails within twenty minutes—no joke. I made a quick list of all of the hikes we haven’t done and a few we want to do again. Our local bookstore has multiple books with local trails. Check your library and bookstore for hiking books in your area.


Photo via Designmom.com

Photo via Designmom.com

Water Wednesdays

What is summer without some playing in the water? Pretty boring, if you ask me. We used to live in Arizona, where it was almost mandatory to have a pool in your backyard. Now we don’t. There are always local pools and the occasional friends with pools where we can take a dip. But we have found other ways to get wet on Water Wednesdays:

Photo via Welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com

Photo via Welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com

Thrifty Thursdays

Admittedly, this is a little general. We can do pretty much anything on Thursdays, as long as we save a little money. We have a list of museums and parks that we want to visit, so when we find deals on admissions, we will head to one of them. Also, we like to go to the thrift store and each kid gets a few dollars to spend on something to play or use for creating something new. Bubbles are thrifty, especially if you make them yourself. Check out this recipe for making gigantic bubbles. The library is definitely thrifty; we will be going there many Thursdays, I am sure.

Friend Fridays

Friends are always fun to play with in the summer, but I have found that it can get out of control some times. If we have a day dedicated to friends coming over, we have more family time and the friend time is even more fun. Try one of these summertime parties with friends (no birthday necessary):

Letting Go

I love to have a lot of the summer mapped out before it begins, but I also know the trick to a happy summer is to LET GO! If we want to go to the movies on Thursday (and not with a coupon—ha!) or have friends over on Tuesday, who really cares? We will roll with the punches, but having some idea always helps things run more smoothly. As long as the kids have clean rooms and reading a lot of books!

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