You know exactly what you’re cooking for your Fourth of July party, but have you considered adding some good, old-fashioned American style to your bash?

I’ve got some Fourth of July party decorating inspiration for you!


DIY Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers

Shopping list:

  • Cardstock
  • Lollipop sticks or flat toothpicks

Want to serve a classic chocolate cupcake that still looks patriotic? Make a July 4th cupcake topper! Print out patriotic party circles or other chosen design on card stock, and trim with a craft punch or scissors.


I highly recommend using a craft punch, especially if you’re making lots of these! As you can probably tell from my photos, trimming with scissors can be very, very tricky.


Plus, if you use a craft punch, you can keep more of the contrasting background, and have pretty edges. After you’ve cut or punched out your party circles, tape them to a lollipop stick or flat toothpick.

Tip: If you’re not into paper toppers, make flag ribbon cupcake picks instead!


Pinwheels Paired with Flowers and Watering Cans



Shopping list:

  • Red, white or blue artificial flower bunches
  • Mini red, white or blue pinwheels

Make good use of your cute watering can! Pick up a few mini pinwheels and a single bunch of white or red flowers at the craft store. Arrange your flowers and pinwheels in your favorite watering can.

Place your creation wherever you need a bit of patriotic color, or use it as a centerpiece.



Fireworks on Ice (That’s pretty bottled water.)


Shopping list:


If you’re having an outdoor party, you’ll likely provide plenty of bottled water. Why not make the bottles part of the party? Just remove the labels and apply a band of patriotic tape around the middle of the bottle.


If you choose the Fireworks Duck Tape, you may have to order it online, but I found a ready supply of solid red, white, and blue rolls of Duck Tape at my local store.

Tip: For fun, include mustache tape instead of plain white!



Wheelbarrow of Drinks 

Shopping list:

  • Favorite bottled beverages and ice
  • Miniature flags or flag ribbon for decorating


Keep your favorite bottled drinks cool with a thirst-quenching wheelbarrow! Clean your wheelbarrow, and then stick a few miniature flags into the ice, or tie flag ribbon to the handles.




Bushel of Drinks



Shopping list:

  • Favorite bottled beverages and ice
  • Patriotic flag ribbon
  • Bushel basket
  • Plastic trash bag


Pick up a bushel basket from the craft store and line it with a trash bag that’s taped or stapled to the basket. Decorate the handles with flag ribbon, and add ice!



Photo by the National Watermelon Promotion Board
Photo by the National Watermelon Promotion Board



DIY Watermelon Keg


Shopping list:

  • Watermelon (of course) and knife
  • See link below for materials list for watermelon keg


If you don’t have a cute drink dispenser for your fruit punch, it’s entirely possible to make one using a watermelon! The kind folks at the National Watermelon Promotion Board have directions on how to make a watermelon keg. Tip: Also learn how to make a watermelon ribbon basket.



vintage-July4-postcardDIY Vintage Fourth of July Banner


Shopping list:

  • String or twine
  • Clothespins
  • Vintage Fourth of July images (available at etsy)


Add some vintage flair to your patio or other party space. Print out vintage Fourth of July postcard images on card stock. Trim the images. Cut some string, and attach your postcards with clothespins!


Light Up for After Dark 

Shopping list:

  • Citronella candles
  • Tiki torches or strings of lights


Unfortunately, the sky won’t be lit with fireworks the whole night! For outdoor parties, don’t forget to add strings of lights or tiki torches. Citronella candles are always appreciated! They not only provide light, but will help keep pests away. Tip: Use your patriotic Duck tape or flag ribbon to decorate plain metal candle buckets.

I hope you’ve found a few ideas to use for your Fourth of July party!

How are you decorating for your party? Do you use flags for your party decorating?