5 Summer Sanity-Saving Tips

Posted on Jun 7 2013 - 10:25pm by Jessica Johnson


Summer is in the air, and there are so many fun things to do in just a few short months. So why not get a jumpstart organizing for the season before your activities begin. Try these 5 sanity-saving tips to help you plan ahead and gather your gear lickety-split. Then when the mood strikes, just grab the family and go. Organizing for summer fun has never been easier!

Bag Common Necessities

Whether you’re headed to the beach or to the mountains, don’t forget to pack a few must-have sundry items to keep bugs and sunburn from ruining your trip. Find a colorful bag or container you can use all summer long to tote along necessities such as, sunscreen, bug spray, tissues, wet-wipes, first-aid items, bottled water, medicines, and more. Keep it well stocked so you can snatch it up at a moments notice.


Make Big Items Accessible

Nothing says summer quite like your favorite outdoor toys. But bicycles, skateboards, golf clubs, and scooters can take up lots of space. So save yourself the headache and hassle of shuffling stuff in and out. Try setting aside a designated space for gear that is always on the move. Remove the garbage cans from the garage, now that it’s warmer outside, and use that space to store summer gear. Or, maybe you’ll have extra space in your shed, once you’ve cleaned out the clutter and reorganized a bit.

Assemble Entertaining Activities

Keep kid chaos to a minimum this summer with games and other brain-tingling activities. Gather an assortment of their favorite trinkets, books, electronics, and whatever else will stop boredom in its tracks. Crank up the cool factor by stashing all their loot in a fun messenger bag or backpack.

assembleentertainactivites1Organize Digital Photos

Make time on a regular basis to download, organize, and share images from all your summer happenings. With today’s technology, there are loads of free and easy options to help you manage and share your photos with family and friends. Sign up for one of the free social media sites, or an online storage service, but be sure to read user agreements before uploading your images to a public site. Talk to friends and family members to see what software or sites they like and trust. Also check out online reviews to help you narrow the field.

Set Aside Specialty Gear

If you, or a family member, enjoy a special hobby or sport during summer months, you already know it’s a challenge to keep track of all the gear. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or merely a weekend warrior, select a bag, box, or container that will adequately hold and keep all your large and small items together. Remember to store all the trappings in the same location, so they’re easy to find. Then make time to do regular inventory checks to make sure everything is in working order and in its place.

Specialty Gear1

What organizing solutions do you use to help tame the summer gear at your house?