7 Independence Day Celebrations You Won’t Want to Miss

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  Looking for fun Independence Day activities and events for the whole family this year? Chances are, a city or community near you will be celebrating this Fourth of July with not-to-be-missed events, such as parades, good food, music, and a if you’re lucky, an eye-popping display of fireworks. But if staying home feels like a drag, it’s not too late to go some place where they really know how to throw a party. Maybe one of our nation’s best celebrations will be just the one for you! #1. Bristol 4th of July, Bristol, RI Hats off to the amazing folks in Bristol, Rhode Island, and their Annual … [More]

Summer Series- Movie Mondays


Last year, my friend Anna wrote an article for organizing summer with kids (see post here).  It was so fun, I asked her if she had any new ideas for this summer and she did! Thanks again, Anna.  – Jessica Johnson We’re starting to plan our summer already. Every day of the week will have a different “theme” that we can all participate in after we finish our chores (just like last year). Monday is for Movies, hiking Trails on Tuesdays, Water fun on Wednesdays, something Thrifty for Thursdays, and Fridays are for playing with Friends. We have already had a few weeks of summer fun and I … [More]

DIY Summer Fun for Kids

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  Long summer days call for some extra creativity to keep the little ones occupied. Once you’ve exhausted the week’s pool time and visited every play space you can afford, you might wonder how to while away the hours. Thank goodness the Internet is full of seriously creative people who are really into sharing their brainstorms. Parenting blogs are overflowing with great DIY inspiration for kids’ summer fun. Try the ideas below to ensure some awesome afternoons this summer.   Give little bookworms their own special hideout with this summer reading teepee. Get musical with some homemade Easter egg maracas. Entertain your archeologists with their own game of … [More]

Electric Vehicles To Charge Up at Kroger


  Although Extra Space Storage uses hybrid vehicles that that don’t require charging, I like to keep up with the latest on other options for powering cars. And all-electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) just got a big promotion from Kroger. You’ve always needed groceries, but now Kroger is thinking you’re going to want to plug in too! They aren’t alone in this thinking. There are now about 5,800 electric stations in the U.S.   Making it Easier to Charge Kroger Co., which includes chains Ralphs and Food 4 Less, chose ECOtality to install more than 200 Blink level 2 charging stations, and 25 Blink DC … [More]

Newly Launched Storage Customer App


  Have you ever needed to quickly find the phone number or address of your storage property when you’re out and about? Or have you ever wanted to create a photo inventory of your storage unit? How nice would it be to use your smart phone to find out about recent payments, change your billing information or sign-up for auto-pay?  Extra Space Storage is pleased to announce the launch of a new app that allows our customers to do all these things and more from a mobile device! Today we all need information when we’re the move – that means access to information at any time and from … [More]

Storage Auction Guide for Newbies: Auction Tips

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  If you’re planning on bidding at a storage unit auction for the first time, you’re probably wondering what to expect. It’s always best to be prepared when trying something new, so I’ve gathered a few bidding tips for you. If you missed it, make sure to check out our post Storage Auction Guide for Newbies: What to Expect  for some general guidelines on preparing for auctions.   To learn more about storage auctions, I recently talked with storage auctioneer Bryan Garbutt of Northeast Storage Auctions. Bryan is a busy, busy man. When he’s not at a storage auction, he’s usually driving to one! He conducts up to … [More]

Five Favorite Sustainable Business Blogs

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  Thanks to blogs that focus on sustainability in the green business world, it’s easy to stay informed during coffee breaks or between meetings. It doesn’t matter if your office is in a tall building in New York City, or if you work from home in the suburbs, the best green business blogs will keep you in the know, and maybe even entertained too.   There are many insightful blogs focusing on green business, but I don’t always have time to read them all. I’m sharing with you the blogs I typically read each week, and I hope you’ll also share your favorite green business blogs with me … [More]

5 Summer Sanity-Saving Tips


  Summer is in the air, and there are so many fun things to do in just a few short months. So why not get a jumpstart organizing for the season before your activities begin. Try these 5 sanity-saving tips to help you plan ahead and gather your gear lickety-split. Then when the mood strikes, just grab the family and go. Organizing for summer fun has never been easier! Bag Common Necessities Whether you’re headed to the beach or to the mountains, don’t forget to pack a few must-have sundry items to keep bugs and sunburn from ruining your trip. Find a colorful bag or container you can … [More]

Go Green: Plan an Eco-friendly Picnic


  Picnic weather is finally here! I love picnics because they allow me to get the whole family together to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors. Picnics are beautiful and memorable, but I like to take care of nature too by planning eco-friendly picnics. Yes, picnics have carbon footprints just like everything else, but you can take steps to reduce the impact of your picnic. An earth-friendly picnic can be easy, affordable and fun! When you’re planning your picnic, a big goal to keep in mind is to avoid disposables. That means no packaged food items like pudding cups, bags of chips or bottled water. Instead of including prepackaged … [More]

Get Organized! Babyproofing on a budget


  As with most things involving children, babyproofing can become an expensive ordeal. Alternately, with a little prioritization and a few basic supplies, the process can be cheap and simple. Some parents opt to install locks on everything and nail anything portable to the table. Others take a more laissez faire attitude, doing just the basics first and then waiting to see what potential hazards the baby discovers and taking action at that point. If you’re on the budget, the latter is the way to go. The first piece of useful advice is: Relax. Considering you shouldn’t be leaving your newly mobile baby alone for even a minute … [More]