Extra Space Relocating Maybe you didn’t want it this way, but you’re moving yourself on a hot day. It happens! However, you don’t have to sweat moving in warm weather. Just plan ahead to stay cool and collected.

It may help you feel better to remember that you’re not the only one moving during hot weather. Summer is a very popular moving time! Many houses are sold and bought during the summer season. And it makes sense: The kids are out of school, and lots of couples move along with summer weddings. Now that you know you’re in good company, start planning for your toasty summer move.


Stay Comfortable

  • Keep yourself hydrated. When moving during hot weather, you’re at risk for dehydration. Be sure to carry plenty of water or sports drinks with you in a cooler. Don’t forget to offer beverages to others helping you move.
  • Buy a large battery-operated fan. You can find 10-inch fans that run many hours on one set of batteries. Place your fan at a strategic spot near the moving truck for a nice breeze when you walk by carrying boxes. A battery-operated fan is also a good item to have around in case of power loss during a natural disaster.
  • Set ceiling fans to rotate in reverse or counterclockwise to help cool the air. This will make things feel nicer when you walk into your new home carrying those boxes.
  • Avoid moving during the hottest part of the day. Typically, temperatures are warmer between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Check weather history in your area, as well as weather forecasts to predict when the temperatures will be warmest.
  • Keep your pets cool too. Make arrangements to board your pets on moving day, or appoint someone to make sure they stay cool and comfortable.


Plan Ahead

  • Give yourself plenty of time. During hot-weather moves you may need to take extra breaks to cool down. Factor this time in when considering how long you’ll need to keep your moving truck. Be kind to yourself, and don’t rush too much.
  • Speaking of moving trucks, make sure you load it efficiently. The last thing you want to do in hot weather is reload a moving truck! There’s a method, or even an art, to loading a moving truck. If your truck is loaded incorrectly, you may not have room for everything, or you may damage belongings. Play it safe, and review tips on how to load a moving truck, as well as tricks for how to pack boxes for a move.
  • Add more bodies for a quicker move. Ask friends to help, and pamper them. Provide plenty of cool water and food, and buy gasoline for friends using their own cars. Also consider buying a special thank you gift, such as a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or offer to help with babysitting or other assistance you may be able to provide in the future.


Dress for the Weather

  • Resist the urge to dress in flip flops and a bathing suit. Maybe you do feel like taking a swim on a hot day, but wearing summer-fun clothing may end up making you uncomfortable, or even cause injuries.
  • Avoid cargo or painter’s pants. I’ve found these pants especially annoying for moves since those “handy” hammer loops can get caught on cabinet knobs or drawer pulls as you walk by!
  • Do wear comfortable sneakers with moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry.
  • Select a light-colored cotton T-shirt or moisture-wicking shirt to wear with comfortable pants or shorts.


I hope these tips help you have a cooler summer move! If you have more tricks on how to stay cool while moving this summer, please share.


Have you ever moved during hot weather? What’s your preferred season for relocating?