Row of jars with spicesWe’re moving, and the new place has a smaller kitchen than I’m used to. We currently store our voluminous spice collection on a little set of bleachers on the counter, but there won’t be room for such indulgences in our new apartment. What to do with all those jars?


A little poking around online told me there are many spice-storage options. The only question is which to choose? For a small place, a wall-mounted model is probably best. These come in a large variety to match your unique style flavor.

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Another option for those who lack counter space is the in-drawer rack. Some of them even expand to fit the drawer perfectly. If you have extra space in the cabinet, you can go for this pull-down in-cabinet rack instead.

Photo via The Container Store

If you’ve got more room in the kitchen, consider keeping your spices on the counter. There are revolving spice racks, rotating spice racks, or two-tiered revolving racks. You can go with a fancy bronzed display, a wall-mounted mango wood rack with cork-stoppered jars, or a bamboo rack with cube jars.

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There are also options for storing just a few spices in a way that can be easily transported or used at the table. This shiny spice box with little spoons is a traditional Indian method of keeping spices. For a more charming look, there’s this wooden spice box with lid or this ten-spice box that looks more like a jewelry box than a kitchen item.

Photo via Williams-Sonoma

For those with a lot of different spices, like me, storage can be very tricky. I will certainly need at least two of the standard wall-mounted racks to accommodate them all. I might do best going with the simplest rack I can find—basically a little wooden shelf—of which I can get as many as I need to hold my entire collection.

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How do you store your spices? Do you prefer wall-mounted, in-drawer, rotating, or some other type of display? Which spices do you use most?