What’s in your recycling container? If you have nice glass bottles that once contained soda, syrup or wine, it’s possible you aren’t finished with them yet! You may be surprised at the fun ways you can remake old bottles.

Whether you call it repurposing, reusing, upcycling or recycling, the end result is the same – something new from something used. Upcycle a bottle and you may even save some money, and have fun too! Some of these projects lend themselves to the warmer temperatures we’re about to enjoy, so get ready to dive in.


Yarn-wrapped bottles from Living Unbound
Yarn-wrapped bottles from Living Unbound


Bottles to Centerpieces 

Your next centerpiece for the table or eye candy for the mantel could be as lovely and simple as yarn-wrapped bottles. With the great selection of yarn colors available today, it’s easy to match your décor! Plus, the materials required for this project are things you likely already have on hand.

Living Unbound details two methods for applying yarn to bottles. When you’re done, the only thing you’ll have to decide is what to put inside your yarn-wrapped bottles.


Bottles to Candleholders

For some quick dinner ambience, simply clean a few bottles and use them as holders for taper candles! If you prefer a safety net to catch the wax, check out the bottelabra, a handy device that converts your bottle into a proper taper holder. One handy thing about this quick project is the small time investment. If you don’t like using your bottles as candleholders, just reuse them for something else!


Bottles to Plant Sitters

You may be thinking about finding a plant sitter to water your beloved house plants while you’re away on summer vacation, but the solution is inside your recycling container. Consider making a bottle plant sitter! Simply fill a glass bottle with marbles. Remember that the more marbles you add, the slower the drip of water. Add water to your marble-filled bottle, and then insert the neck into moist soil. Play around with this before you leave. You may need to adjust the angle of the bottle, or the number of marbles.

With a bottle plant sitter, you can expect to keep your plant hydrated for about a week. As with most things that are new to you, test first to make sure your plants will be watered to your liking. If you have trouble, cheat a little and buy some plant nanny stakes to use with wine bottles.


Bottles to Birdfeeders

Enjoy your patio even more this summer. Try attracting birds with cute DIY birdfeeders made from, yes, glass bottles! If you’re handy with a drill, you can indeed turn a glass bottle into a DIY birdfeeder.

This handsomely picturesque tutorial from Garden Roof Coop explains how to turn wine bottles into stylish bird diners. Check out the photos of the downy woodpecker, the American goldfinch and more darlings taking advantage of the bottle birdfeeders!


Bottles to Garden Edging

Your garden borders will sparkle in the sunlight with your carefully “planted” colorful bottles. Before placing your bottles in the ground, use a bottle cutter to remove the tops. Bottle cutters are available at craft stores and hardware stores. After cutting, place the bottles in the ground, leaving at least three inches of the top of the bottles above the surface. Of course, you’ll want to space them evenly!

Once you get your bottles all in a row, they’ll last a very long time. Unlike wooden garden borders, glass edging is insect-proof! Plus, the bottles will help keep moisture in your beds. The Greenbacks Gal has posted some wonderful photos of colorful bottle edging.


Bottles to Wind Chimes

If you don’t mind drilling a few holes, you can turn two nice, strong wine bottles into a beautiful, melodic wind chime. I’m guessing that wine bottle wind chimes are like snowflakes: No two are alike. Visit Pinterest to see so many lovely variations on the wine bottle wind chime, your head will spin like a cut-up wine bottle in the wind!

For one specific, many-ringed take on this project, visit Middle Sister Wines where you’ll find a complete tutorial for making your very own wine bottle wind chime.


Bottles to Hummingbird Feeders

One simple way to upcycle a glass bottle is to make it into a hummingbird feeder. It’s as easy as cleaning the bottle, filling it with hummingbird nectar, inserting a hummingbird feeder tube, adding wire, and hanging! To maximize your chances of hummingbirds visiting your DIY feeder, select a red bottle for this project.


Strengthen the Reserves

Remember to start reserving your glass bottles. If you don’t have any suitable bottles, ask your favorite restaurant if you can have their empty bottles. Whether you make a feeder for feathered friends or a plant sitter, I hope you’ll start seeing your empty glass bottles in a whole new light!


Have you reused glass bottles? What is your favorite color bottle to upcycle?