Make Self-storage Move-in Day Easier with Handy Supplies

Posted on Apr 30 2013 - 6:32pm by Garret Stembridge


You’ve carefully prepared items for storage and loaded your vehicle, so now you’re ready to move belongings into your self-storage unit. But are you really ready? It’s easy to forget helpful supplies when you move into your self-storage unit. That’s why I’ve created a list of things to have with you to make it easier to move your belongings into storage.


Tape Up

You’re not done with packing tape yet. Chances are, you’ll need your packing tape on moving day. On a related note, be sure to also take a marker for labeling.


measuring-tapeTool Up

Take your toolbox. Why? Maybe you previously decided to leave furniture intact, but you realize on move-in day that some disassembly will help you get the most out of your storage space.

Or perhaps you need to take some measurements. Having your tools with you will help you avoid a trip back home to fetch items like a tape measure, rope, screwdrivers, wrenches, vise grips and pliers.


Cut Up

Scissors and utility knives are very handy items to have around on moving day!


Cover Up

Protect your hands with a pair of work gloves, and apply sunscreen to guard your skin.


Clean Up

Moving can be messy, so be sure to take along a broom, dustpan, paper towels and trash bags for quick cleanup.


Lock Up

When everything is all moved in, use a good lock to secure your belongings. If you don’t already have a lock, ask your Extra Space Storage Store Manager for details on buying a lock on-site.


I hope that you’ll have everything you need on hand for making your self-storage moving day as perfect and stress-free as possible!


What items will you take with you on your self-storage move-in day? For past moves, is there an item you wish you had, but didn’t take?