Motion Sensors Have a Place at Home Too

Posted on Apr 24 2013 - 6:57am by Brent Hardy


I’ve decided to allow technology to eliminate some parental nagging duties for me. No, I’m not talking about texting chore reminders. I’m referring to the usage of motion sensors to control indoor lighting. As many parents have probably experienced, kids don’t always remember to turn lights off when they exit a room. Even with frequent reminders, some kids still opt to leave the lights on. That bad habit can waste a lot of energy in rooms that aren’t frequently used.


A solution I’ve adopted in my house is the installation of motion sensors (or occupancy sensors) that take the place of regular light switches. I’ve discussed how motion sensors at Extra Space Storage save us energy and money, but motion sensors are also valuable inside the home, even if you don’t have kids!



Advantages to Motion Sensors in the Home

  • No wasted energy. If lights are frequently left on when they’re not needed at your house, then motion sensors may help you save energy and money.
  • No reminders required. Motion sensors eliminate the need to remind yourself, kids or spouse to turn the lights off! There are too many other things to remember in daily life. I’m fine with some automated help in the lighting department.
  • No artificial lights during the day. Sometimes natural light coming in through windows is all you need. Some motion sensors feature a daylight sensing mode, allowing you to enter a room during a bright day without triggering the lights.
  • No feeling around for the switch in the dark. How many times have you had trouble locating a light switch in the dark? If you sometimes have trouble in your own house, also think about how guests may struggle.
  • No hands, no problem. Do you ever leave lights on because you know you’ll be coming in with hands full with grocery bags? Or maybe you do the elbow dance to turn your lights on when your hands are full. Motion sensors can certainly make life easier in these cases.
  • No sleepless nights. Don’t get out of bed to check whether the basement or laundry room lights are off. If you have motion sensors on those lights, you’ll know they’re off.

If you’re sold on saving energy with indoor motion sensors, you’ll be happy to know that they’re easy to find. Just visit your local hardware store, or order online. If you’re cautious with electrical and have the right tools, you can install indoor motion sensors yourself, but electricians are usually just a call away. Visit DIY or Not for more information on installation of motion sensors.


Have you used indoor motion sensors in your home? Which lights do you typically forget to turn off?