Moving, even if just for a short distance, can be a massive drain on your time and finances. Early preparation, particularly in selecting a quality moving company and getting rid of unwanted possessions, can save you a lot of time and money. See our moving tips.

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Moving Tip #1: Prepare Early

Get your moving estimates early, particularly if you plan to move at the end of March or September, when many people’s leases expire.

By getting your estimates early, you protect yourself in three ways:

  • You have time to research companies and get references and referrals.
  • The estimator will see that you are someone who plans in advance and isn’t desperate to find a mover. This can get you a better deal.
  • You’ll have a better chance of booking the moving company that you want, rather than the company that’s available.

Moving Tip #2: Declutter

Movers charge by the amount of time they spend on the job. The less stuff you have, the faster and cheaper your move. Go through your home and get rid of items that you haven’t used in a year and encourage your kids to do the same with their toys and clothes.


Moving Tip #3: Ask for Help

Even if you aren’t fond of DIY moves, friends and family can still help with packing, sorting and adopting items that you don’t want to take with you. Friends can also help you move small, fragile or lightweight items (such as clothing packed in garbage bags), which can shorten your moving time and save you money.


Moving Tip #4: Reconsider the Garage Sale

Garage sales require time for planning, setting up and cleaning up the leftovers. You’ll also have to spend some money on advertising and supplies. Unless you think that you’ll make a lot of money on your garage sale, consider just donating your unwanted items. It takes less time and you may get a tax deduction, as well.


Moving Tip #5: Switch Cable/Internet Providers

Is there more than one cable provider in your area? If so, consider a switch when you move.

Here’s why: Many cable companies offer new customers a significant discount on their services. While this doesn’t last (you may have to pay full price after six months to a year), it may be far less than what you’re paying now.  This will free up some cash right after you move, which is always a good thing.


Moving Tip #6 Just for Renters: Leave Your Place Spotless

Leaving your rental home or apartment in good condition when you move is not only a decent thing to do, it could potentially benefit your finances in two ways:

  • You’ll have a better shot at getting your entire security deposit back if you leave your place clean.
  • Leaving your place in excellent condition can get you a better reference if you move again.

 In some areas, the law requires landlords or property managers to offer you a  “walk-through” inspection before you move out. During the walk-through, the landlord must tell you about any problems that might require a security deposit deduction, giving you the opportunity to make repairs. Even if you don’t live in an area where this is required, ask your landlord for a walk-through anyway.

 If you’re planning to move these simple steps try a few of these tips to save yourself some stress, time, and money.  What other tips do you have to help with a local move?