Tips for Working Out in a Small Space

Posted on Apr 16 2013 - 9:00pm by Jessica Johnson


Happy man doing push upsIf you only have a small space for your home workouts, be sensible about what sort of equipment you buy and how you use it. You aren’t running a fitness club in your home, so you don’t need a full range of gear. Instead, select a fitness regimen that meets your needs and only buy equipment as you need it, selling or giving away items that are no longer a part of your routine.

Avoid Uni-Purpose Equipment

Just because something is “seen on TV” doesn’t mean that you ought to buy it. A lot of gimmicky exercise equipment is uni-purpose: It only works out one area of your body. If you want to do another kind of exercise, you have to get a different machine. This quickly creates a storage problem, not to mention a lot of clutter.

Unless you are buying a comprehensive home gym or a cardio machine, stick to exercise equipment that you can easily store, such as exercise mats, resistance bands, kettle bells and hand weights.

Keep Equipment to a Minimum

You don’t actually need a large rack of dumbbells in a range of weights. Instead, select weights based on your current needs. When you get stronger, sell or give away these weights and buy new ones. The same holds true for videos and other types of exercise gear: If you aren’t using it anymore, get rid of it.

Dual Purpose TV Stands

Do you use videos when you exercise? Make use of your TV stand by using it to store your gear. Having everything in one place controls clutter and reduces the time you spend looking for equipment and DVDs when it’s time to work out.

Hint: Don’t feel compelled to work out in a certain room just because it has a TV. If you want to use video in your workouts, but if a TV-less room is the most appropriate space for exercise, your laptop, tablet or portable DVD player should work just as well.

Where do you work out in your home? Do you have trouble keeping your gear out of the way?