YouTube is full of long, rambling monologs by would-be how-to experts; it can be tricky to find real advice devoid of self-absorbed chatter.

I went looking for some tips on spring cleaning and was immediately barraged by random musings about people’s late-winter colds, messy kids, and clothes shopping habits.

I decided to spare the rest of you my fate, so I put together a list of some of the better videos I came across. Here are some spring cleaning tips worth watching.

  • How To Prepare For Spring Cleaning” from AtHomeWithNikki is a fairly long and chatty but thorough advice session about how to organize yourself for a spring clean, including such tips as grouping tasks into pre-pollen and post-pollen categories.
  • Spring Cleaning Ellen’s Way” from TheEllenShow serves up some humor with the cleaning advice; the episode features talk-show host Ellen Degeneres offering “Ellen’s spring cleaning tips for people who aren’t as good at cleaning as I am,” and getting advice from a shirtless hunk.
  • Spring Cleaning” from Kim Danger offers some tips on decluttering using “sell,” “throw away,” and “donate” piles, including the tip to barter your unwanted stuff on
  • Frugal Mom Offers More Cleaning Tips” from KMBCTV is a newscast about how to clean without buying any cleaning products from a woman who pulled her family out of a $100,000 debt in six months.
  • How to Clean With Vinegar” from expertvillage tells viewers how to use that most versatile and natural of cleaning products to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Kitchen Cleaning Tips” from Mr1in10 offers advice on how to get rid of some serious grime, all in a homey English accent.

Do you have any favorite spring cleaning tips? Where do you learn what you know? Are there any YouTube videos or channels on the topic you would recommend?