Inside the modern closet 3d renderingA closet makeover can be a big project, but it doesn’t have to be as extensive or complicated as you might imagine. And if your closet’s anything like the disaster mine is, any amount of time and money invested will be well worth it.

Your first option is to have a professional design a whole new shelving and hanging system for you, such as those created by the Container Store with Elfa systems. This will be like waving a magic wand over your closet, but unfortunately it will have a magic price tag to match.

A more economical option is to cobble together your own solutions to your particular closet challenges. Here are some solid ideas for putting things in better order. You can mix and match these options depending on what you need most.

  • Double-hung closet rods can give you two layers of clothing. Hang your shirts on top and your pants—or more shirts—below to make use of all your vertical space.
  • Mount a pegboard on the back of the closet door to hold small things like jewelry, scarves, and belts. You can also use over-the-door hooks to hang all manner of clothes and accessories.
  • Plastic shoeboxes stack well and can hold things other than shoes. A grid of these on a shelf makes for an efficient use of space, and since they’re see-through you won’t loose track of what’s there.
  • Clear plastic drawers are a good place for small and delicate items like underwear, socks, and scarves. A set of these can easily be tucked into the bottom of your closet under the hanging clothes.
  • Wire drawers can hold bulkier items like sweaters, or even linens. These are best used in bigger closets with a lot of room on the floor.
  • Hanging canvas shelves provide you more space on which to stack folded items like sweaters. These have the advantage of being simple to install and easily removable.
  • Hanging shoe shelves can help you free up floor space for more efficient uses, such as shelving or deep-storage bins.

Have you done a closet makeover? What materials or methods did you use to make the most of your space?