DIY Decorative Storage
Photo via Flickr user Trilliumdesign

Storage can be a dreary business, centered on boring cardboard boxes and garish plastic tubs. Of course you can find more stylish bins and boxes but the prettier they are, they more expensive they get.

Luckily, with only a little effort and hardly any cost, you can make your own storage items in exactly the color, pattern, and style that suits your needs best. Here are five projects to brighten up your shelves.

  • Fabric storage bin: Use your sewing skills to put together this cardboard-and-fabric container for all your odds and ends.
  • Cereal box storage bins: Repurpose your old breakfast cereal boxes and add some colorful fabric to make these flared storage bins.
  • DIY magazine files: Whip together classy magazine storage using just a little foam core board, packing tape, and crafters’ glue.
  • Patchwork fabric basket: Get out your sewing machine to piece together this appealing rectangular-bottomed carry-all.

Have you made any of these projects? What other DIY storage solutions have you tried?