5 Great Decluttering Tips

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 11:13pm by Jessica Johnson

Clutter is the bane of an organized existence—it’s a constant battle to keep the mess of possessions in our lives from bursting into chaos. Here are a few good tips for keeping things straight in various rooms of the house.

Photo via Realsimple.com

Photo via Realsimple.com

  • Store linens in drawers. Linen closets are notoriously hard to keep straight, since pulling a sheet out of the middle of a stack all but guarantees an avalanche of fabric. A better way to keep your linens from getting that cluttered, crumpled look is to store them in drawers.
  • Subdivide your drawers. Almost all drawers could benefit from being divided up into sections to keep the contents from mixing into a chaotic jumble. You can buy special dividers for this purpose, or fashion your own using cardboard pieces, Tupperware containers, or shoeboxes.
  • Put papers in your closet. If you’re not the filing-cabinet type and you have an extra shelf in your closet, use magazine holders to file your personal and professional papers. Organize your documents into categories like taxes, loans, car, owner manuals, etc.
  • Help your kids weed out their toys. You might be surprised how many of your children’s toys they don’t want anymore and would be willing to donate to charity. Starting around age three, especially, kids can be encouraged to do a regular weeding-out to cut down on the clutter.
  • Get the right food storage containers. The packages food comes in are designed for display, not proper storage. So stock your pantry with sturdy, see-through food containers in a range of sizes and store as many of your dry goods as you can this way. It will keep the food fresh longer and cut down on that cluttered look in your cupboard.

Have you used any of these techniques? What other decluttering tips do you recommend?