Modern kitchenHaving trouble keeping your cooking space in line? Kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep straight.

Tips and tricks for organizing this heavily used space are a dime a dozen, but some of the most sensible are worth sharing. Check out these useful ideas.

Store your cookbooks well, whether in a shelf built into the wall, in baskets in a cupboard, or on the bottom shelf of a side table. Then put all those stray recipes you’ve printed off the Internet in a binder, categorized by type.

Detangle your pots and lids. Consider hanging your pots on an overhead rack and using an in-cupboard rack to keep the lids organized.

Use a utensil canister to keep at hand all the spoons, whisks, and spatulas you use often.

Hang aprons and other linens. Use pegs, an over-the-door rack, or a creative rolling-pin apron hanger.

Put your spices on bleachers. A three-step spice rack makes for plenty of space so you can tell the cinnamon from the cardamom.

Choose a Tupperware organization scheme and stick to it. You can organize them in a cabinet, stack them in a dish drainer, file them in a drawer, or use some other ingenious method of keeping those stray lids straight.

Bring in baskets to organize your kitchen. Slide them onto shelves along with your dishes, use them as an attractive way to store produce on the countertop, or make them do the heavy lifting in the pantry.

Employ an over-the-door rack to keep things handy, or roll in a cart for more storage space.

What other tricks do you use to organize your kitchen?