How To Organize Life With Pets

Posted on Feb 25 2013 - 11:02pm by Jessica Johnson

The Dog's Dinner

Like any member of your family, pets accumulate stuff, and stuff accumulates dust. Follow these steps to get a handle on your pet’s accoutrements and streamline your life with your furry friends.


1. Purge your supplies

As pets grow, they leave a wake of old toys, unused carriers, obsolete cages, and uneaten treats. And as time goes by, you might not have all the pets you once did, though their stuff may well still be in a corner of the garage.

The first step in organizing your pet gear is purging all this old, unused clutter. Get rid of that chewed-up tennis ball that’s been replaced by a new one. Throw out that fish tank you stopped using when you realized how hard it is to clean. Pitch the cat’s scratch post that’s all scratched out.


2. Organize your gear

For each of your pets, put all supplies into categories such as treats, toys, grooming supplies, and medication. Put together a box for each category and store them together somewhere accessible but not obtrusive.

Create a file folder for each pet and fill each with any paperwork and information you have about Fido or Fluffy. Include a photo in case you ever need one for a “lost dog” sign or just for a walk down memory lane.


3. Pay attention to the food

It’s important to store pet food well to avoid pests and spoilage, especially if you buy in bulk and are storing large bags of it for long periods.

Keeping it where you serve it—usually in the kitchen—is a good idea. Store it in an airtight plastic tub or other tightly covered container. If you don’t have room to keep all the food in one place, keep the bulk of it elsewhere, such as in a bin in the garage, and maintain a smaller container in the pantry.

Do you have pets? What tricks do you use to keep their stuff organized?

Jessica Johnson