Our Superstorm Sandy Recovery Progress

Posted on Feb 20 2013 - 12:06pm by Brent Hardy


Since Mother Nature can be so unpredictable, it’s one of my goals to make sure properties and the people in them are safe before the worst happens. I believe that the most important work is to mitigate loss happens before a disaster. Superstorm Sandy was a huge, rather freakish storm, but we were well prepared, and only a few properties sustained major damage.


Tough, Together

Before I describe how the storm affected our properties, I’d like to share that our hearts are with all families who experienced any kind of loss due to Sandy. I hope that in this difficult time, we’ll all find a unity of purpose in helping each other recover. For more information on how to assist people in the particularly hard-hit state of New Jersey, visit Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.


Properties Affected by Sandy

Sandy impacted more than 50 Extra Space Storage properties in New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Illinois. In most cases, damage was minimal, and we’re back to normal business. However, repairs are ongoing at three properties with the biggest flood damage: Hoboken, New Jersey; Freeport, New York; and Staten Island.


NASA image of Superstorm Sandy, October 30, 2012

NASA image of Superstorm Sandy, October 30, 2012


Solar Panels Were Tougher than Sandy

You may remember me sharing details on the properties with solar panels in New Jersey. I’m happy to say that the solar panels withstood Sandy just fine! In fact, the panels are rated to withstand winds much stronger than Sandy produced. If only flood prevention were as easy as keeping solar panels intact!


Importance of Protecting Belongings

The unfortunate truth is that sometimes flooding is nearly impossible to prevent. So, we always stress the importance of protecting personal belongings in storage with flood insurance. We want your belongings to stay in great shape! That’s why, starting soon, Extra Space Storage will begin offering our own flood insurance to customers. Please check back soon for more details.


Were you affected by Sandy? Did the storm make you rethink your current flood insurance?


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