iStock_000011919759XSmallMost people need all the closets they’ve got to store clothes, coats, sheets, and piles of unused Christmas gifts.

But if by some chance you happen to have an extra closet on your hands or are so organized you might not need all the storage you’re currently using, there are many other uses for those nooks and crannies.

It turns out you can put closets to all sorts of creative uses, from creating a nursery to installing a mini kitchen. Photos from around the Web reveal how much these changes can enhance your living space. Check out these great ideas.

Make your closet into an office.

Convert your closet into a laundry room.

Change your walk-in closet into a nursery (here’s another nursery example).

Install a bunk bed in a closet to make a kids’ room.

Sleep snugly in a closet bedroom.

Turn your closet into a library.

Create a playroom in a closet.

Cook up a mini kitchen in a closet.

Snuggle up in a closet reading nook.

Transform a closet into a mini mudroom.

What have you done with your closets? What would you create if you had a closet to spare?

Jessica Johnson