Closet Organization Tips

Posted on Feb 6 2013 - 9:09pm by Jessica Johnson

Woman looking through closet

If you can afford a closet makeover, redesigning your organization approach will be easy and enjoyable. First, measure your closet and list your storage needs. Next, design a new closet system that involves hanging areas of various heights, a collection of small storage spaces, and a variety of shelving.

If you’re not going for the full makeover, you can still do a lot to improve what you’ve already got. Some thoughtful organization and a few well-placed bins will go a long way toward keeping things orderly. Try on these tips for size.

Organize your garments. Hang clothes according to category—for example, short- and long-sleeve, casual and dressy. If you’re a true closet organization obsessive, you can also organize by color within each category.

Double-hang your clothes. Outfit your closet with a section with a top and bottom bar to hang your shorter items, such as shirts and folded-over pants.

Take advantage of space at the bottom. Put a shoe rack or storage bins on the floor underneath your clothes. You can even put a flat basket for small items on the shelf beneath the top hanging section.

Use drawers and cubbyholes. Include these little spaces into your closet plan. Use cubbies for shoes, belts, and scarves. Keep socks or ties in the drawers.

Incorporate shelves. Some items store best on shelves, such as bulky sweaters, shoes, and hats. You can also slide bins into shelves to make makeshift drawers for all manner of things.

Hang your accessories. Use hanging organizers to keep shoes, scarves, purses, and jewelry. This way you’ll be able to see everything all in one place while you’re dressing.

Use the back of the door. An over-the-door hanging rack can provide a place for coats, bags, ties, scarves, or anything else that easily hangs.

Label everything. Use luggage tags to label bins and get garment organizer tabs that hang on the bar between hangers to divide categories of clothes. These labels are most useful for keeping things organized over time.

Closets don’t have to be overwhelming black holes in which you can never find anything. A small amount of organization can go a long way. What is your favorite closet organization tip?

Jessica Johnson