Photo via Instructables.com

I didn’t know what to do with my old books. I rarely read them, they were too tattered for used bookstores, and I couldn’t find anywhere to donate them. What to do? It felt wrong to throw them in the trash.

A little online search gave me a stroke of genius: I could build a table out of them. In a happy coincidence, I was in need of a side table to go next to my sofa. With a small amount of effort, I had a new table and a new purpose for those books.

There are many more creative ideas where that came from. It turns out that a lot of the stuff you might have right at home can be reincarnated as truly useful organizational tools.

So think twice before you recycle that egg carton or throw out that old window shutter. Here are a few more neat ideas for repurposing household items as storage:


  • Create a towel rack out of a wine rack


What creative DIY repurposing have you done around the house? What’s the most creative DIY storage solution you’ve come across?

 Jessica Johnson