Favorite Sustainability Infographics of 2012

Posted on Jan 16 2013 - 1:41am by Brent Hardy


We’re all in love with infographics, it seems. Often, we don’t have a choice when we view billboards, television commercials or other forms of advertising, but a lot of us seek out infographics. We even click on them to make them larger! I don’t understand all of the psychology behind the popularity of infographics, but I do know that not all infographics are created equally.


For me to consider an infographic as wonderful, it has to do a few things:


  • Present sources. I don’t want to guess where the info came from.
  • Be easy to read. If I have to strain to read it, forget it.
  • Remain uncluttered. Enough said.
  • Be visually appealing. Yes, coordinating colors and artistic vision matter.
  • Have something new, important or entertaining to say. Boring is for junk mail.


from One Block Off the Grid’s 9 Surprising Things about People Who Go Solar infographic


Best Sustainability Infographics of 2012


Sustainability is an important topic for us all, whether we’re working to make our businesses more sustainable, or just greening up our households. There are lots of great sustainability infographics out there, but I’m focusing on those introduced this year. And here they are – my personal picks for 2012’s new sustainability infographics worth reading.


You may be really enlightened by the 9 Surprising Things About People Who Go Solar infographic by One Block Off the Grid. Hint: Solar folks don’t get hot in the summer.


It’s a heavy topic, but I like the Suffocating the World infographic. LearnStuff mocked store logos to present a dizzying array of facts about just what our plastic bag habit is doing to us.


from LearnStuff’s Suffocating the World infographic


Graced with teal type and colorful maple leaves, the NBS Sustainability Survey 2012 infographic gives you a clue about the attitudes and practices of construction pros in the UK. The design is perfectly beautiful!


Uberflip’s The Sustainability of Tablets infographic isn’t breathtaking in its beauty, but it helps us think honestly about the pros and cons of our current love affair with electronic tablets.


Closing Thoughts on Infographics


Though I respect infographics that hold the power to change our behavior, I also love infographics just for the fun of them. I leave you with a wonderful mixture of education and geeky entertainment – the Batman Physics infographic, which utilizes free fall equations to explain the athletic feats performed in “The Dark Knight Rises!”


What do you look for in a good infographic? How often do you read infographics?