Making Office Organization Fun

Posted on Jan 14 2013 - 9:32pm by Jessica Johnson

Funny business

Keeping your work space organized can be a thankless task—so many pens to wrangle and papers to keep straight, only to have them become chaotic again. Since it’s a task you have to manage no matter the trouble, why not have a little fun with it?

There’s a whole universe of amusing and amazing office organization products just waiting to make your work life a little brighter.

For example, why not start off in the morning with a cuppa from the office coffee pot in your wake-up mug, which has eyes that become alert when filled with steaming java?

For your desk, try this pink rhinestone desk set and skyline desk organizer, shaped like a cityscape. If you’re like me, your computer could benefit from a Ouija mousepad.

Consider investing in some of these pretty Susy Jack pencil cups, in which you can keep your pickle pen, banana pen, flexible spring pen, and smell jelly gel pens. Use your crazy pens on sticky notes shaped like cassette tapes and floppy disks.

Your desk won’t be complete without scissors that stand up on their own, along with an alligator staple remover, snail tape dispenser, and unicorn pencil sharpener. And don’t forget the little things: check out these dog bone paper clips, gummy bear eraser-sharpeners, and ladybug pushpins.

To stay on top of your paperwork, check out these lovely garden delight file folders, these cut-out magazine files, and these colorful, collapsible file boxes. If you’re particularly pressed for space, try this file ottoman.

If you choose to venture out of the office, don’t go far without a whimsical business card holder, whether this mustache card-wallet, this mini briefcase card holder, or this card case emblazoned with old-fashioned typewriter keys.

What are your favorite fun or funny office organization items? Do they help you stay productive, or at least keep your spirits up?

Jessica Johnson