Personal items are some of the more troublesome things to keep organized. They’re often small—cuff links and little tubs of make-up—and frequently used, so they have a tendency to get lost and jumbled in the bottom of your purse or bag.

What can you do to make organizing these things more functional and stylish? The more user-friendly and appealing your storage regime is, the more likely you are to actually keep these important little pieces of your life in order.

Try these ten DIY solutions for keeping your jewelry, make-up, ties, toothbrushes, and other personal stuff straight.


1. Keep all your lipstick and blush where you can see it on this magnetic make-up board.

2. Line up your nail polish in this spice-rack make-up holder.

3. Put your necklaces in order on this frame-and-screen jewelry rack.

4. Or dangle them from this clothes-hanger jewelry organizer.

5. Organize your softer accessories on this fabric-wrapped scarf holder.

6. Men’s accessories can also find order using this closet organizer for him.

7. Add a little unusual flair to your closet door with this bent-spoon tie rack.

8. Make sure the little things don’t get lost with this cufflink box.

9. Cut notches in a shelf or use magnets to perfect your toothbrush organization.

10. And finally, nothing says ‘I care about my hygiene’ like a DIY toiletry bag.


What DIY solutions do you use for organizing the little necessities of life?

Jessica Johnson