Love Winter? You’ll Love These Pinterest Favorites

Snow covered birch trees

Winter is here!

There’s so much to enjoy this season, not least of which is a pristine blanket of snow. But even if you don’t live in a snowy clime, you can discover the pleasures of colder weather, including hot beverages, snuggly coats, and the cozy ambiance of life indoors.


Winter Beauty

To get into the winter spirit, check out these Pinterest boards full of appealing winter wonder.


Winter Festivities

Do you have a special occasion this winter?


Winter Drinks

Is there a more enjoyable experience in winter than drinking something warm? There are some wonderful boards dedicated to winter beverages!

  • For inspiration on involving cocoa make sure to check out this “hot drinks” board that focus heavily on hot chocolate and prominently features whipped cream.
  • For more exotic hot beverages, see this board that features more unusual toppings and drinks like “pumpkin spice white hot chocolate.”


Winter Activities

Looking for something to do in the cold weather? Or better yet, something to keep you warm?


What winter-themed Pinterest boards are inspiring you to brew some hot mulled cider? What special plans do you have this winter?

Jessica Johnson