Sustainability Roundup: Our Eco-minded Posts for 2012

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 12:00pm by Brent Hardy


I’ve really enjoyed being part of Extra Space Storage’s “Storage Blog” in 2012 and talking about our sustainability efforts at Extra Space Storage.  I’m not the only one at Extra Space Storage who’s been busy writing this year. Our resourceful blogging team was very prolific. Together, we wrote hundreds of blog posts on organization, DIY, sustainability, moving, holidays and storage.

Since my writing has focused on sustainability, I’ve decided to gather everything we’ve written related to this sustainability this year.  Below is a roundup of all our collective writing on sustainability in case you missed something this year. Enjoy!

Corporate Responsibility


Energy Efficiency Initiatives at Extra Space Storage

California: Give Us Your E-waste

District Managers Drive Hybrid Cars Where They Count Most

Harvesting Raindrops for Landscape Use

Solar Power

How Solar is Powering Extra Space Storage

Brightening up Storage with Solar Muscle

       The Critical Step in Making the Business Case for Commercial Solar


Brightening Our Exterior and Saving Energy with LED

Bright Idea: Better Light with Less Energy Usage

Saving Energy One Retrofit at a Time

Saving Energy: De-lamping, Because it’s Brighter than You Think

Daylight Harvesting – Better for the Environment, Better for You!

This Extra Space Storage facility uses expansive windows to harvest daylight.


Green Home and Garden Tips

Make Your Sprinkler System Smart. Add a Rain Sensor.

Landscaping for Energy Savings

Water Saving Tips to Slow the Flow of H2O

How You’ll Benefit from a Home Energy Audit

Tankless Water Heaters: Conversation Killer but Energy Saver

Buy an Eco-friendly Home

Winterizing Your House

How You Can Go Green with Cleaning Supplies

Energy Saving Tips

Everyday Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Know When to Shut Down Your Computer

Less Energy Destroyed – LED Lighting

Secrets to Spending Less on Gas

How to Lower Utility Bills in Apartments

Spend Less Heating Your Swimming Pool with Solar

Recycle and Reuse

What to do with Used Moving Boxes

How to Turn a Desk Drawer into a Keyboard Tray

Decoding Plastic Recycling: Helpful LDPE and PS
Decoding Plastic Recycling: Charming PETE and Sturdy HDPE
Decoding Plastic Recycling: Difficult PVC, PP and Mystery Other

Get Rid, Get Paid, Part One
Get Rid, Get Paid, Part Two

 General Green

It’s Easy Traveling Green

Three Big Things to Help the Earth

Is an Energy Star Partnership in Your Future?

An Eventful Earth Day 2012

Q&A with a Justin Krum A Solar Power Brainiac

Digging Ourselves Out from More Trash Than Ever

Green Warm Fuzzies and Other Thoughts on Sustainability

Sustainability Report Cards: A+ Idea or a Fail?

 City Specific Green 

Know When to Go with LED in Atlanta

Historic West Chester Helped Launch Lincoln

Baltimore is Rolling Forward with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Houston’s Discovery Green is a Model for Urban Parks

They’re Building a Green Dallas


Thanks for reading the Extra Space Storage blog this year! I hope you’ll follow our blog throughout 2013 for many more informative and fun blog posts by the team at Extra Space Storage.

In 2012, what was the most important sustainability issue you faced? Do you have green goals for 2013?