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Great Kids’ Rooms Organization Ideas on Pinterest


My latest guilty pleasure? Pinterest! It’s easy to spend hours on this site, discovering neat ideas and pinning my own. Our Extra Space Pinterest page has all sorts of useful and fun organizational and storage-related pins to explore..

One of our collections is a pin board full of creative ideas for making great kids rooms. You can get seriously imaginative with children’s rooms—in fact, the more imaginative the better.

Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Storage, Self Storage
Photo Credit: Storage Daybed



Kids beds can be some of the most fun pieces of furniture in the house. What other thing at home can be double-decker, shaped like a racecar, or turn into a fort?

Our Pinterest page features a few neat bed ideas: lofted beds atop built-in closets, a camp-like bed set-up, and beds with storage spots underneath.

Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Storage, Self Storage
Photo Credit: DIY Animal Storage Jars




Of course, one of the most important features of a kid’s room is storage for all the toys, stuffed animals, and other random knick-knacks and gadgets.

This is your chance to make organizing fun for the little ones. How about gluing little animals on the tops of jars to make whimsical and appealing organizers, or turning flower baskets into wall-mounted toy storage spaces?

Of course boxes and bins of various sizes and colors can be useful for organizing anything, and our page has plenty of ideas. How about this charming set-up on a bookshelf? Or use plastic bins or buckets in various configurations to get things ship-shape.

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Photo Credit: Library Book Box



Any well-equipped kids room has a place for books. There’s a lot of room for creativity beyond the typical bookshelf.

Try using an old wagon as a shelf or putting up bookshelves made of spice racks or a dish rack. A shutter is another creative solution for organizing books in a neat way.

To keep on top of library books, try putting a chalkboard on your bookshelf on which to write the due date.

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Photo Credit: Clever Organizers: Can the Clutter


Arts and crafts

Use tin cans, buckets, or plastic cups in muffin tins to organize art supplies. Or what about transforming an over-the-door shoe holder into an organizer for supplies (or hair accessories)?

If you want to get a little more elaborate, what’s neater than this craft room hutch?

The ideas are endless! Have you got any neat ideas for organizing kids rooms that we could add to our board?


Jessica Johnson