Historic West Chester Helped Launch Lincoln

Posted on Nov 13 2012 - 6:29am by Garret Stembridge

Okay Abraham Lincoln buffs, are you aware of the role that West Chester, Pennsylvania played in launching Lincoln’s run for president? While Spielberg’s “Lincoln” movie releasing this week deals with Lincoln’s final months in office, a newspaper that was once located in West Chester helped get Lincoln elected.


First Lincoln Biography

The Chester County Times, a weekly Republican newspaper, published the first Lincoln biography on February 11, 1860. The biography was composed with the help of handwritten notes from Lincoln himself! This first biography of Lincoln was republished in newspapers throughout the country, and served to introduce Lincoln as a presidential candidate.

Thanks to careful preservation, the Federal-style building that once housed the newspaper is still around, despite having been built back in 1833! It’s called the Lincoln Building now. Most charmingly, the building still has its original one-over-one window casings and pressed tin ceilings!

If you’re visiting West Chester, drop by the Lincoln Building at 28 West Market Street to see where it all began. Also, go ahead and check out the whole downtown West Chester area. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places!


Historic, but Still Sustainable

Speaking of all those old things like original windows in historic buildings, how sustainable is that anyway? According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, preserving history is an important part of building a sustainable community. Why? Older buildings were often built in more densely populated, walkable areas, and keeping those interesting buildings intact is part of attracting residents to take part in urban-living patterns instead of urban sprawl. Urban living means more walking to work and taking public transportation, and less driving cars. Plus, there are ways to weatherize and update historic buildings without compromising their original character.


Energy Audits Help Us Maintain Efficient Storage Facilities 

Whether you collect antiques from the Lincoln era, or just need more space for everyday items, our self-storage units take care of your needs while also watching out for the environment. At Extra Space Storage, we’re striving to be more sustainable in many ways, including performing energy audits to ensure the integrity and efficiency of our building envelopes (including windows, doors, walls, roofs and foundations).

It’s all done to protect our storage facilities against drafts, humidity and moisture, while also making sure we’re saving energy. In short, we may not have historic properties, but we treat our properties like they really matter!

Have you renovated an old building or house while maintaining its character? When is the last time you performed an energy audit of your home or business?

 Garret Stembridge