DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Posted on Nov 9 2012 - 8:29pm by Jessica Johnson


Storage Facility, Self Storage, Storage Unit, Storage, Mini StorageThanksgiving gives you an excuse to try new crafts projects. It’s easy to make your table sing—here are some of the Web’s niftiest ideas for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Stacked gourds in vases: Nothing says autumn like gourds of all colors and shapes. Incorporating gourds into your table centerpiece is a go-to idea, but have you ever thought about using vertical space to display them dramatically? Here’s a way of filling tall glass vases of various sizes with gourds of various sizes for a neat, Thanksgiving-worthy look.

Green apple displays: There are many ways you can arrange Granny Smith apples to give your table a beautiful splash of color. As with the above example, you can put them in glass vases, either stacked or floating in water. You can also simply line them up on a wooden or silver tray running down the center of the table, or mix them with gourds and other autumnal decorations.

Paint-dipped pinecones: Pinecones add a lot of visual interest to a table, so it can be enough just to present a bunch of them in a glass or silver bowl as your centerpiece. Even better looking, though, is to dip a few of them in paint to add a splash or color or contrast. Using white paint is a classic look, but you could get creative on this one. Just don’t let it get garish and you’re good to go.

Candles and flowers: Clustering flowers around candles is always right for Christmastime, but with a judicious use of appropriate color the technique can serve equally well for Thanksgiving. Surround cream, orange, or red candles with red, yellow, orange, and purple flowers for a more autumnal look. Add in a few colorful fall leaves and you have just the right effect.

Mini-pumpkin candleholders: Since there’s nothing quite like a candlelit Thanksgiving dinner, and pumpkins are the classic decorations of the season, why not combine them into a fun and classy table decoration? It couldn’t be easier to make candleholders out of little pumpkins. If you get creative, you can even cut slightly larger pumpkins in half, scoop out the insides, cut patterns around the top, and light them from inside using votives.

Cornhusk votives: Another way to incorporate attractive candles into your setting is to wrap glass votive vases in dried cornhusks and tie them with little white or colored ribbons. It’s also possible to use dried cornhusks in all sorts of other ways, as the material adds a natural, earthy quality suited to the Thanksgiving table.

Glittered corn: Using dried corn cobs for an autumn centerpiece is always a nice idea, but you can get a little more dashing with this glittery option. Your shining ears will add a special glowing something to your table.

There are hundreds more great ideas where these came from. You’ve got every resource to help you exercise a little creativity and give your Thanksgiving table that little something special this year.

What are you considering for your Thanksgiving centerpiece this year?  What have you done for centerpieces in past celebrations that you’ve enjoyed?

Jessica Johnson