My Favorite Organization Apps

Posted on Oct 29 2012 - 9:28pm by Jessica Johnson


With so many apps available for SmartPhones today I’ve been interested in what apps can help with organization.   Katie Gustofson agreed to track down the best apps for organization.  I’m excited to try some of these for help with everything from work to household management. -Jessica Johnson

Katherine Gustafson is an award-winning writer, journalist, and editor whose articles, essays, and stories have been published in numerous print and online media, including The Christian Science Monitor, Johns Hopkins Magazine, and Best Women’s Travel Writing.  An advocate for sustainable food she is the author of Change Comes To Dinner.  


Mini Storage, Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Storage, Self StorageAfter I had my first baby, I realized that life had just gotten three times more complicated. Not only did I have to keep track of all the tasks I was used to balancing — including all the moving pieces in my freelance work — but I now had to manage nursing, sleeping, and childcare schedules. Plus a whole new realm of housework opened up — dealing with diapers, laundering tiny clothes, and keeping the changing table stocked.

I realized I needed some help to stay organized, and fast. Luckily I have an iPhone, and while I have always loved this device, I now flat-out depend on it to keep everything together.

Here are some of my favorite organization apps that help me manage all the moving pieces of being a working mom.



This free app made by a German company is the ultimate in sleek task-management. I love how it lets me create multiple lists to organize all the moving pieces of my life. Each task can have a due date and a notes page, and can be starred as priority. Brilliantly, this app syncs with the online version and the Mac desktop version. Push notifications can alert you when something important needs doing. This is a lifesaver for a busy ball-juggler!

Price: Free



Remember the Milk

While Wunderlist is great for managing all the bits and pieces of various tasks, sometimes I just need more of a daily to-do list type app. Remember the Milk keeps a running to-do list, syncs with the online version, and allows you to organize tasks via priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists, and tags. The push reminders will keep you hopping.

Price: Free



Grocery IQ

Of course we all need to sometimes literally remember the milk, and to help with that never-ending task of grocery shopping is the lovely Grocery IQ. This neat app includes a barcode scanner, a list sharing option, and integrated coupons. My favorite feature — the favorites list — will save you time if you buy the same things often. This app also syncs with the online version.

Price: Free




This is a task manager specifically designed to organize household chores, such as mopping and emptying the trash. I know there are certainly more glamorous apps out there, but this is an organizational lifesaver for someone managing a household. The checklists automatically reset to start the endless cleaning cycle yet again, but it’s not all drudgery: the app gives you a gold star every time you cross a task off the list.

Price: $3.99




Evernote is the repository for everything I’m thinking, reading, wondering about, or simply want to check out later. It organizes notes in the same way that Wunderlist organizes tasks, via lists and categories. Place the Evernote button on your browser and you can easily transfer Web pages or images into the app for organizing and reading later. I don’t know how I’d keep track of all my ideas for upcoming and ongoing projects if I didn’t have this at my fingertips.

Price: Free




Considering all the bills that come to my mailbox each month, I find this app especially helpful for household management. BillMinder makes sure nothing gets lots in the shuffle. I organize them by due date and receive alerts when those dates approach. Alternately, you can pay automatically with the app’s password-protected AutoPay feature. The app also includes charts and graphs to help you stay on budget and even save money.

Price: $1.99




If you’re worried about security, eWallet is worth paying for. This helps me remember passwords, account information, card numbers, and IDs. I especially like the password manager, which securely stores all those millions of passwords I can never keep track of. It’s good to know that I have all my sensitive info in a secure place.

Price: $9.99



Have you ever used one of these organization apps before? What are some tips and tricks you have used to stay organized?


Katie Gustofson