Getting Organized for Baby – Part Two!

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 6:49pm by Garret Stembridge


A couple of months ago, I wrote about finishing up the baby’s room for our soon to come little girl. Well, she came and she LOVES her room (I can see it in her eyes). Previously I wrote about how we decorated the room. Now I want to show how we’ve been able to best utilize the space in her small room.

Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Self StorageAlthough babies are small, they sure require a lot of things. If you’re like us and have a small room for your baby, you understand the importance of organizing to maximize the space you have. Here’s what we’ve done to best utilize our space:

Repurposed Chest of Drawers – We wanted to find a chest of drawers that was big and had several drawers we could use for storage. Not wanting to spend an arm and a leg (we are on a baby budget), we turned to the internet in hopes to find something used. We found this chest of drawers for only 80 dollars! It had recently been repurposed and met our needs.

We use the top drawer for diaper and wipe storage. The next drawer is used for clothes. The bottom three drawers are used for blankets (you gotta have blankets…lots of them!).


Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Self Storage


Shelving – Shelving is a nice way to add décor to a room but can also be very useful to your storage and organization needs. We’ve used her shelves to organize some decorative and sentimental items she’s received. These shelves add shape to the wall and really add to the look and feel of the room.

Bookshelf – Instead of spending extra money on a changing table, we decided to search out a bookshelf with the right dimensions to allow for a changing pad on top. We found this bookshelf brand new for only $40! We were ready to spend over a $100 on a changing table!  This saved us a ton of money and is multi-functional.

Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Self Storage



We are really happy with how the baby’s room turned out and are glad we’ve been able to best utilize the space to accommodate her needed items.

What are you doing to best optimize your available space? Any tricks or products you’ve found to help save space? Tell us!


Garret Stembridge