Make Your Sprinkler System Smart. Add a Rain Sensor.

Posted on Oct 24 2012 - 6:58pm by Brent Hardy


Have you ever driven by a house or business with sprinklers running during a rain shower? Yeah, I’m guessing you have! When I see that, I want to get out of my car and stop that superfluous flow of water on the landscaping.


You can let your sprinkler system know when Mother Nature has provided enough water without its help. It’s simple: Use a rain sensor.


We hear a lot about smartphones these days, but rain sensors are a way to make your sprinkler system smart too!


In my efforts to conserve water I’m testing a newer device called an RSD rain sensor at   Extra Space Storage properties in Walnut, California and other locations. It’s a simple device that can be attached to an automatic sprinkler system. The rain sensor shuts off the sprinkler during rainfall or after rain has fallen.


A  rain sensor attached to your sprinkler system not only helps to save water, but also helps to prevent overwatering of plants and lawns. Plus, rain sensors are a good alternative for saving water when rainwater harvesting or xeriscaping (also desertscaping or zeroscaping) aren’t a good fit for a property.

The way I see it, rain sensors are a simple, extremely cost-effective (cheap!) way of getting rid of that terrible waste that bugs me so much: Sprinklers running during rain!


How do you make your sprinkler system smart? Have you tried rain sensors, rainwater harvesting, xeriscaping or other ways to save water at your home or business?


 Brent Hardy