Savings in Storing Holiday Decor

Posted on Oct 19 2012 - 5:36pm by Jessica Johnson


Anna makes decorating and organizing seem like second nature.  Her festive home makes the most of every holiday and I’ve often wondered just how she stores and organizes all her holiday décor.  Here are her best tips on how to store your holiday décor. -Jessica Johnson

Anna Macfarlane is a mother of four, freelance writer, and has written on her personal blog,, since way back in January 2008.


Storage Facility, Storage Unit, Storage, Self StorageFrom now until spring my home changes monthly with holiday decorations. I love each holiday and the different styles and décor that come with them. As soon as Halloween is over, I am ready to pare down for simple Thanksgiving furnishings, which gets me excited for a big old Christmas tree, colorful lights and gingerbread houses. And so on.

The trouble is not with the decorating itself, but the storing of the decorations. Oh, how I cringe when I think about keeping all of my precious things stored safely all year long!

There are good solutions, though. You don’t have to go to a big fancy store and spend a load of cash to appropriately store your holiday treasures when not in use. Try some of these ideas this year:


Good Enough for Eggs

Egg cartons. Meant to keep fragile little eggs protected from all of the big and strong lifters, packers, drivers, stockers, clerks, and well, you. Egg cartons are sturdy enough to hold all of your small ornaments or to divvy up your baubles and trinkets. Plus, they are stackable!


Can Do

Save your coffee cans, too! Wrap holiday lights around the can and use the inside of the can to store extra bulbs or other décor. Snap the lid on and pack it in a large box with other stuffed cans.


Zip and Hang

Not every decoration fits into small cartons and boxes. For larger, oddly-shaped items, place them in unused zippered garment bags and hang them in an extra closet or on a nail in your storage space.


Lush-ious Packing

Old cardboard wine and liquor boxes are perfect for separating larger ornaments. Next time you are out getting a bottle of wine, ask the clerk for any empty liquor boxes with compartments. Place breakable items in a resealable plastic bag before placing in a wine box.


If the Shoe Fits

One of my favorite holiday storage tips is using an old shoebox. Find some extra cardboard (perhaps from an old or broken cardboard box) and cut four or five pieces just smaller than the bottom of your shoebox. Use the pieces to wrap garland or lights and place them all in the shoebox. Put on your lid and voila! A perfect place for all those items that usually and mysteriously get twisted and tangled during storage.


Small Notes

Place all fragile items on top; this minimizes breaking not only from weight of other items, but also from searching hands which tend to break items post-storage.

If you find your home storage space is getting too cramped, don’t be afraid to throw out and donate old, tired, or broken holiday decorations. Consider, too, a small rented storage space just for holiday decorations.

Do you love to decorate your home for the holidays? Which is your favorite holiday to decorate? How do you save money when packing your decorations?

Anna Macfarlane