When you need extra storage you know exactly why you need it.  You know what you need to store, and how much space it occupies in your home or business.  The typical question at this point is: “How much space do I need?”

Watch our size videos to see exactly how much space the most common storage sizes offer.   There are a number of common storage unit sizes starting with smaller unit sizes like a 5×5 storage unit, 5×10 storage unit, up through medium and larger units like 10×10 storage units, 10×15 storage units, and a 10×20 storage units.

Watch our video detailing the 10×10 storage space to see just how much can fit into this space.  A 10×10 storage space can generally hold all the contents of a family room or two bedrooms.

Take a video tour of a 10×10 storage unit to see just how much can fit into this mid-size space.