Stay Prepared for Hurricanes and Other Disasters


  For people affected by hurricane-turned-superstorm Sandy, the time to prepare has ended, and recovery is beginning. Sandy was a very unique weather event, but with any hurricane, or superstorm, those who endure it become even wiser when it comes to knowing how to prepare for storms – a small silver lining to a horrible event.   If you’re likely to evacuate before a hurricane, do you really need to prepare? The answer is “yes.” While you may decide to evacuate before a hurricane, it’s still wise to plan ahead for any unexpected disaster. Whether you’re preparing for an earthquake, flood or hurricane, you’ll need many of the … [More]

My Favorite Organization Apps

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  With so many apps available for SmartPhones today I’ve been interested in what apps can help with organization.   Katie Gustofson agreed to track down the best apps for organization.  I’m excited to try some of these for help with everything from work to household management. -Jessica Johnson Katherine Gustafson is an award-winning writer, journalist, and editor whose articles, essays, and stories have been published in numerous print and online media, including The Christian Science Monitor, Johns Hopkins Magazine, and Best Women’s Travel Writing.  An advocate for sustainable food she is the author of Change Comes To Dinner.     After I had my first baby, I realized that … [More]

Getting Organized for Baby – Part Two!

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  A couple of months ago, I wrote about finishing up the baby’s room for our soon to come little girl. Well, she came and she LOVES her room (I can see it in her eyes). Previously I wrote about how we decorated the room. Now I want to show how we’ve been able to best utilize the space in her small room. Although babies are small, they sure require a lot of things. If you’re like us and have a small room for your baby, you understand the importance of organizing to maximize the space you have. Here’s what we’ve done to best utilize our space: Repurposed … [More]

Make Your Sprinkler System Smart. Add a Rain Sensor.


  Have you ever driven by a house or business with sprinklers running during a rain shower? Yeah, I’m guessing you have! When I see that, I want to get out of my car and stop that superfluous flow of water on the landscaping.   You can let your sprinkler system know when Mother Nature has provided enough water without its help. It’s simple: Use a rain sensor.   We hear a lot about smartphones these days, but rain sensors are a way to make your sprinkler system smart too!   In my efforts to conserve water I’m testing a newer device called an RSD rain sensor at   … [More]

Best of the Blogosphere – Get Organized, Stay Organized

  When you’re disorganized, sitting down to read about organization can be the last thing you want to do. But while you might feel like the best course of action is to just attack that pile of junk in the garage with a sledgehammer or simply donate all the jumbled clothes in your drawers to the Goodwill without weeding out the keepers, take a minute to think things through.   Thoughtful organization is the only kind of good organization, and you can’t be thoughtful if you’re on a rampage. So before you lay a finger on that drawer full of odds-and-ends or go about rearranging all the cupboards, … [More]

Savings in Storing Holiday Decor

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  Anna makes decorating and organizing seem like second nature.  Her festive home makes the most of every holiday and I’ve often wondered just how she stores and organizes all her holiday décor.  Here are her best tips on how to store your holiday décor. -Jessica Johnson Anna Macfarlane is a mother of four, freelance writer, and has written on her personal blog,, since way back in January 2008.   From now until spring my home changes monthly with holiday decorations. I love each holiday and the different styles and décor that come with them. As soon as Halloween is over, I am ready to pare down … [More]

Storage Unit Video Tour: 10 x 20 Storage Unit


If you’re asking “How much space do I really need?,” you are not alone.  Most people have a difficult time figuring out what storage unit size is right for their needs. To help with this process our storage unit size videos will give you a clear picture of just how much space standard units hold. A 10×20 storage space is a large unit, usually providing enough space to store an entire household of belongings. Watch our video detailing the 10×20 storage space to get an idea of how much space this unit provides. We also have size videos showing what fits into these standard storage sizes:  5×5 storage … [More]

Storage Unit Video Tour: 10 x 15 Storage Unit


When it comes to choosing a storage unit there are many options.  The width and length of each size are clearly identified but when it comes down to it, much space do these various sizes represent? Watch our size videos to see exactly how much space fits in each size.   We’ve filmed many of the most common storage unit sizes to give you a clear picture of how much space they hold. Watch our video detailing the 10×15 storage space and what we’re putting into this space.  A 10×15 storage space can generally hold all the contents of up to three bedrooms. We also have size videos showing … [More]

Storage Unit Video Tour: 10 x 10 Storage Unit


When you need extra storage you know exactly why you need it.  You know what you need to store, and how much space it occupies in your home or business.  The typical question at this point is: “How much space do I need?” Watch our size videos to see exactly how much space the most common storage sizes offer.   There are a number of common storage unit sizes starting with smaller unit sizes like a 5×5 storage unit, 5×10 storage unit, up through medium and larger units like 10×10 storage units, 10×15 storage units, and a 10×20 storage units. Watch our video detailing the 10×10 storage space to … [More]

Storage Unit Video Tour: 5 x 10 Storage Unit Video


When it comes to self storage the most common question we hear from customers is “How much space do I need?”   People know what they need to store, they just don’t usually understand how that translates to a storage space. To help our address this common question we put together videos for all the most common self storage sizes.   Here are the most common storage unit sizes:  5×5 storage unit , 5×10 storage unit, 10×10 storage unit, 10×15 storage unit, and a 10×20 storage unit. Watch our video detailing the 5×10 storage space and see just how much can fit into this space.  A 5×10 storage space is … [More]