Brightening Our Exterior and Saving Energy with LED

Posted on Aug 29 2012 - 7:21pm by Brent Hardy

QubePAK from US LED



It may be true that it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but with lighting, what’s on the outside is important too. I’m very pleased with the lighting improvements we’ve completed at Extra Space Storage. Not only have we made our lighting more energy efficient in hallways, storage units and other interior areas, we’ve also tackled exterior lighting.

When you approach our retrofitted Extra Space Storage facilities, you may not notice the energy savings that’s quietly taking place, but our exterior LED lighting is saving us money and reducing our energy consumption, which benefits the environment.


Kicking out the Energy Hogs

Our exterior lights are activated at dusk by sensors, and can stay on all night. Obviously, it’s important that we focus on reducing the amount of energy we’re using to keep our exterior bright. If inefficient exterior fixtures remain in place, they can be absolute energy hogs! Fortunately, there’s a great solution. During our retrofits for energy efficiency, we replace old 250-watt metal halide fixtures with 34-watt LED fixtures from US LED. They’re called QubePAK.


Killing our Kilowatt Consumption

When we replace the halide fixtures with LED fixtures, we achieve up to a 66 percent reduction in kilowatt consumption! That makes LED a great investment for Extra Space Storage. Yet, you may not notice the steadfast LED lighting working wonders outside. That’s because the LED fixtures offer the same lumen output as the old lights, making our exterior as bright as ever with less energy usage.


Installing Brightness that Lasts

Reducing our energy consumption isn’t the only way Extra Space Storage is benefitting from the new exterior LED lights. Once our LED fixtures are installed, it may be 12 years or more before they have to be replaced, as revealed by accelerated test cases. Why? Well, there are no ballasts or bulbs that have to be replaced, and that keeps our maintenance costs down too.


Helping You Find Your Way with LED

When you drive up to an Extra Space Storage facility, you’re looking for that green sign, right? At night, those welcoming green signs are lit with LED technology at most of our facilities. Switching our signage to LED is one of my favorite upgrades. I see it as a symbol of how Extra Space Storage is working hard to become a more green, energy-conscious company! Check back soon for details on our interior lighting improvements.


Have you utilized LED technology in your home or office?

Do you consider LED lighting a good investment for your home or business?


Brent Hardy