More Blog Finds for Living an Organized Life

Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 6:01pm by Jessica Johnson


It never ends. Just as I think that I’ve got this whole organized life thing going, I find a part of my life that is cluttered. Which is kind of great, really. Because there are always new ways to get organized that people share on their blogs on this amazing internet thing. I am constantly inspired to try new ways to organize and love feeling the benefits of being organized.

Here are some of my recent favorite finds on living an organized life.



My home office has a ridiculous amount of cords. Even in this age of wireless and streamlined computers, there seem to be cords everywhere.

Use binder clips to keep cords and plug-ins at the ready and mostly out of sight.

Martha and her team do it again! A simple wire basket, a power-surge protector and a hole in your desk (if you’re up for that) can keep your desk area looking clean and serene.

What about all of those cords in the power-surge protector? How do you know which one you want to remove without undoing a game of twister? Save your old bread clips!


Speaking of cords, did you know that you could buy an upgrade to your wall outlet with a USB function? Genius.


School Time

With school starting again, now is a great time to organize your school stations. A mudroom or other small space can be a great place for shoes, backpacks, and jackets.

Some bloggers have shared some great versions of this school-time station:

For fun, too!

Little boys and matchbox cars go together like searing pain and your feet. At least, that’s

what happens when the cars don’t get put away. Magnetic strips let your kids display their prized cars, but also keep them off of the floor.

Coloring books are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Keep them organized and ready in a dish washing rack!


There are a lot of ways to keep toys organized, functional, and pretty. Check out this collection of ideas.


Don’t Forget the Car


The car is really a storage closet on wheels. You need your car information, hand sanitizer, a pen, bottles of water, ice scraper, and that’s just the beginning.


Keep your car tidy and organized and everything at the ready.


If you have kids—and a car—you will enjoy seeing how this mother organized her life on the go.


Check this one out as well. It’s everything you never knew you will most likely need.


What have you discovered lately than makes your life more organized? Are there any organization-themed blogs that inspire you? Organization is an ongoing process for me, but I find that I can always be inspired in new ways. How about you?


Jessica Johnson