Home Style to High Style – My DIY Bedroom Redesign


In preparation for our new baby, my wife and I are trying to get as organized as possible. A couple of weeks ago I talked about how we organized our baby’s room, converting it from a guest bedroom to a place for our little one. Now that that’s finished, it’s onto the next project!


For the past two weeks our focus has been on our bedroom. Realizing we may be spending a lot of time in this room with our newborn, we want it to be as comfortable as possible. As part of the organization process, we decided to completely redecorate the room.

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First things first, the before picture (please excuse the patches of color on the wall…we wanted to be 100% sure we liked our color choices):


  1. We started out by painting the walls of our bedroom. We were a little bored with all white walls and wanted to brighten it up a bit. We painted three of the walls a light teal color and did a darker aqua color on the farthest wall where our bed is.


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After painting we felt we needed something more. We got a great idea from HGTV’s Design Star when Brittany Simon designed and built a wall graphic for one of her rooms. We measured the wall to determine where we wanted each line placed and then used a chalk line to mark the wall and provide a guide. I then began to work from left to right, top to bottom.


Materials Needed:

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF Board) – width and thickness of your choice
  • Glue. I used two dots of Liquid Nails – Paneling and Molding Construction Adhesive on each piece.
  • Fiber board screws or finishing nails
  • Paintable caulk – Used to cover the joints of your design
  • Paint – color of your choice!

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I almost stopped here because I liked this design a lot, but was persuaded by my wife to add horizontal pieces in between (so glad I listened!).










Once finished, I used paintable caulk to fill in the cracks from the seams and did a finishing coat of paint on the front face of each piece.






This is what the room looks like now that it’s finished (it helps that the bed is made in this picture). It’s a HUGE improvement from where we were a couple of weeks ago. Now we just need to find a couple more furniture pieces and call this puppy done!


Are you reorganizing or redecorating your home? Do you have any unique decorating ideas? Share them with us!


Garret Stembridge