Best of Extra Space Storage: 900 Nationwide Facilities, Budget Truck Rental Partnership and Our Spanish Mobile Site

The summer of 2012 has definitely been newsworthy, one might even say eventful!  The much anticipated London Summer Olympics are truly exciting, but here in the US there have been many other hot topics this summer.  Wildfires in the western US, a deepening drought in the mid-west, the supreme court decision on healthcare and upcoming US presidential elections are some of the most newsworthy items that that have kept things interesting.  Extra Space Storage has also had an exciting newsworthy summer.  Here are our highlights:


900 Nationwide Locations

Extra Space Storage nationwide locations continue to expand.

Over the last month Extra Space Storage took over management of facilities in California, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.   As of August 1, 2012 we have 900 locations throughout the US.   This translates to nearly 500,000 customers who turn to our company for quality extra space.

If you remember my post about the origins of Extra Space Storage I think you’ll agree we’ve come a long way since 1977!


Budget Truck Rental Partnership

Everybody likes a good product and a good deal, we do too!  That’s why we’ve partnered with Budget Truck Rental. With over 2300 locations nationwide, Budget Truck is a convenient and reliable solution if you need a rental truck to help with a move.  Not only that… Budget Truck is giving Extra Space Storage customers a discount of up to 20% off their regularly priced trucks.  Visit   to take advantage of this offer.

At Extra Space Storage we also provide customers with competitive pricing and great promotions to provide an excellent value on self storage.  Pricing for our self storage is based on the location and the unit.  Check out the facilities near you for our current promotions at


Spanish A-Go-Go:  Introducing Our New Spanish Mobile Site

Everybody’s gone mobile and Extra Space has too.   Okay well, according to ComScore currently nearly half the mobile phones in the US are smart phones, but that’s a lot!  ComScore also reports that in June of this year about half of these phones used a browser to search the web.  Our mobile website continues to improve to meet the growing demand for quality information for our customers accessing our site from a mobile device.

We’re excited about the recent launch of our Spanish mobile site This site delivers all the same information about our sites as our English mobile site, allowing customers who speak Spanish to find information and reserve storage easily.  Me gusta mucho!


James Overturf


Best of Extra Space Storage: 900 Nationwide Facilities, Budget Truck Rental Partnership and Our Spanish Mobile Site by

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August 10, 2012

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SVP Marketing and Investor Relations Extra Space Storage James Overturf oversees all marketing and corporate communication activities for Extra Space Storage. James had ambitions on being an architect but was quickly brought back to reality by a lack of talent and instead decided to study marketing, economics and statistics. He enjoys skiing, fishing, golf and spending time with his wife and three daughters. James was duped into a career in self-storage from the high-tech industry in the late 90’s by current Extra Space Storage CEO Spencer Kirk.

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