Getting Organized for Baby!

Posted on Aug 3 2012 - 9:20pm by Garret Stembridge


After four and a half years of marriage, my wife and I are about to bring a little someone into our lives. We’ve become pretty comfortable living with just the two of us. The end of September is bound to turn our lives upside down, which is why getting organized before baby comes is crucial in helping with the adjustment!


Making Room for My Baby

Beginnings of the baby room. We’re going for white and gray with POPS of color!



Colors and decorations aren’t the only things to consider when planning the baby’s room. Location of the room is also very important. Saving yourself a couple of steps by choosing a room closer to your bedroom may sound somewhat ridiculous; however, at 1 am, 2 am and 4 am in the morning you WILL notice the difference.


For this very reason we turned our makeshift guest bedroom into the baby room as it’s the closest room to our bedroom.  This used to be our guest room (see photo at left). We removed all furniture – bed, nightstand, dresser, etc. and gave it some color and character with new paint and bead board. Now we just need to add the baby furniture!”

Step by Step – Time Management

In the summer I enjoy (yes, enjoy) spending time doing outside projects like weeding, mowing the lawn, gardening etc. Being inside is the last place I want to be; however, I procrastinated a lot of the organization projects for baby until recently – forcing me to work inside during my favorite time of year. I keep asking myself, “Why didn’t I do this during the winter when I was forced to stay inside?”


Don’t be like me. Manage your time accordingly to ensure you have enough time to finish everything you need before baby arrives. Proper time management will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress from scrambling at the end. Organizing projects may not be the most fun, but they are easier to do before baby comes. Also, a little tip for husbands – the earlier you start the more your wife can help!


Check off lists

Many women experience memory loss during pregnancy. My wife has the memory of an elephant, but since she became pregnant, this skill of hers is gone…way gone. Sometimes she’ll be talking and mid-sentence will forget what she was going to say. This happens on a daily basis! Although I’ve enjoyed her quickly forgetting about certain things (like being locked out of our house in 100 degree weather because I forgot to change the faulty door knob she had asked me to change for over 14 months), it also causes us to forget certain items needed for baby.


The solution? Lists lists lists! Lists are key in making sure you have everything you need. Whenever something comes to mind, write it down on your list. I use the notes app on my phone to keep track of the things we need. This works great since I always have my phone and can access the list whenever we discuss a needed item OR whenever we visit the store.


How have you become organized for a baby? Any pointers for the newbie parents out there?

Garret Stembridge