Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels

Posted on Jul 9 2012 - 8:49pm by Jessica Johnson


Oh, Pinterest. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Currently, I guess the count would be over 700 ways. I could easily get that pin number to 1000, but there is work to be done and life to be lived. Sigh.


Have you visited our Pinterest page?

One of my current favorite boards from our Extra Space Storage page is Pack It! Maybe it is because I have summer vacation on my mind and coming up very soon on my calendar. Every vacation poses the same question for me: what to pack and how to pack it?


What to Pack and How to Pack It


Imagine being able to pack everything you need for 10 days of vacation into a single

standard carry-on luggage. This is the kind of thing my dreams are made of. This pin goes to a site that explains exactly how to do that, as demonstrated by a Los Angeles flight attendant.


Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels

New York Times; 10 Days in a Carry-On


Still need a little bit more space in your luggage? Try wrapping your clothes with belts and scarves, as this pin shows.


Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels; Packing Tips

Traveling with Young Kids

One of my favorite pins is about traveling with young kids. This adorable pin suggests that packing is much easier when you put an entire outfit (including underwear, socks, and hair accessories) in a zippered storage bag. Each day has a different bag. When you get to the hotel, put the bags in a drawer and your kid can pick one per day. No rummaging through suitcases or mixing dirty clothes with clean.

Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels Packing Tip # 1


Packing for a Trip in the Car

A small, cramped space for miles and miles with your nearest and dearest. If compact packing is what my dreams are made of, then family car trips might be nearer to the nightmare end of the spectrum. If only someone could pin to an article where a family found success and enjoyment while car travelling. Oh, wait. They did. Check this one out, it is full of great ideas and lessons learned.


Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels Family Roadtrip, Packing & Playing in The Van

Traveling Fashionista

Sometimes traveling is not about minimalism or compact suitcases, but about looking fantastic and taking lots of pictures. If that’s your goal… can I come with you? I mean, if that’s your goal, check out the pin with the basics for packing when fashion is a priority.


Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels How To Pack For A Holiday

Check out our Pinterest page for the pins and their links. Do you pin? What is your favorite thing about Pinterest? What are your favorite travelling tips?


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Winnings Pinnings: Packing Smart for Summer Travels

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