Tackling Garage Organization with Simple Storage Ideas


Last week I went window shopping online for ideas to organize my garage. I decided that even though a soft white couch to read on with a chandelier and open windows sounded lovely for my garage, what I really need is a good old-fashioned place to park my car and hold all of my stuff.


Maybe someday I will build a guesthouse in the backyard and put in that chandelier. For now, my focus is on organizing my garage.



I need a few storage cabinets for storing paint cans, sports equipment, and other odds and ends. What I will look for:

  • Storage cabinets with caster wheels–easy to move around and rearrange
  • Extra storage options on the inside of doors
  • A mix of shelves, doors, and drawers
  • Unit should be heavier than the items it will hold



After some further research, I have decided to install pegboard on one wall in my garage. There are a lot of great options for wall panels, but for my needs and garage configuration, pegboard is the best option. It will be great for:

  • Hooks for hanging large garden tools
  • Baskets for holding smaller garden tools and miscellaneous items
  • Organizing and displaying tools that we use often
  • Adding shelves for pots and bins
  • Reconfiguring when we need to change



I am so grateful for other people’s ingenuity. Last week I suggested some really great companies that make storage shelves for your garage ceiling. While those are incredible and strong, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for everything custom. Especially in the garage.


By measuring and attaching I-beams to your garage’s ceiling, you can slide your plastic bins right in. No need for extra storage bins and boxes. Your existing bins are also a great alternative for transporting, separating, and shifting. See a tutorial for this project here.




There are creative ideas for garage storage all over the Internet. Many are in my price range, too (aka FREE or cheap). We play a lot of sports in our house and it seems that the one thing we never know how to store well are balls. They are everywhere. Balls don’t store well in a box or a bin; baskets make most of them inaccessible. When I saw this idea for using existing studs and bungee cords, I almost kissed the screen. Genius, I tell you.




Good ol’ Martha Stewart was close to getting a kiss on my computer screen as well for coming up with this great idea to store your

garden hose and attachments with a bucket.

Don’t you just love smart people?


I am confident that my garage will be so organized and clean by next week that I will be throwing a party in there. Even if I’m the only one who shows up.


Jessica Johnson