Why I Run with a Dog Named Sprinkles: Update on my New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Jun 28 2012 - 10:23pm by Garret Stembridge


Most people have good intentions when making New Year’s resolutions, but fall short of actual accomplishment. If you’ve ever been to a gym during the month of January and February, you’ll realize there are WAY more people there than usual. Come March however, things are back to normal and the attendees are back down to the levels you know.


I believe there is a key element missing in our New Year’s resolutions – accountability! If everyone was held accountable for the resolutions they make, there wouldn’t be so many who fall short of the mark. For this reason I come to you today, to report on my progress thus far, so as to be held accountable for the resolutions I’ve made.




I’ll admit, I was one of those people who started the year off good and then started to slack come March. I hated driving to the gym every morning. Even though it’s only 15 minutes from my house, driving roundtrip still takes a half hour out of my day.


Since it’s warmed up though, I’ve been upholding my resolution. Every morning I go running with my dog Sprinkles (okay, okay…girly dog and girly name…don’t judge me). I feel so energized and more confident when I start my day off in this way. It allows me to enjoy the crisp morning air and clear my head for a while.


I’ve also been doing a new workout that I haven’t done before – swimming! It is so EXHAUSTING! The first time I went, I honestly about drowned. I must’ve looked pretty cool when the life guard was yelling at me, “Keep off the ropes!” as I was gasping for air in the middle of the pool while hanging on for dear life.


Living Cleaner and Less Cluttered

I hang my head in shame and disappointment. I haven’t accomplished this goal yet. Our pink bedroom (it was painted that color before we moved in, so back off) is still piled high with bins and boxes and is serving as our “storage unit”.


A couple of weekends ago, I spent Saturday afternoon running lights and power outlets throughout the crawlspace beneath my house. Now that there’s sufficient lighting and power down there, I will begin moving the contents of the pink bedroom to the crawlspace, bringing me one step closer to reclaiming the bedroom and getting rid of the awful pink color. YAY!


Eating at Home

My wife and I have made some big improvements in this area. We still love to explore new restaurants every now and again, but we are cutting back on how often we do this.



To help us with this goal, I convinced my wife that I needed a grill. So, she surprised me with one for Father’s day (best wife ever!). We’ve enjoyed exploring new recipes and cooking different kinds of meats and veggies on the grill!


Our garden is also in full bloom which provides a lot of fresh vegetables for consumption. There is nothing better than garden fresh veggies and reaping the fruits of your labor! 


Eating at home has been beneficial in a number of ways:


–          Saves us money

–          Allows us to explore new recipes

–          Provides valuable, uninterrupted family time

–          Eating healthier


How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Any success stories? What are you tips on staying motivated? Share them with us!