Green Warm Fuzzies and Other Thoughts on Sustainability

Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 8:07pm by Brent Hardy

Some Background About Me (Brent Hardy) and Extra Space Storage

When I started working at Extra Space Storage 11 years ago, we had an impressive 40 facilities and about 200 employees. Now, numbering more than 870 facilities to date, we have more than 2,000 employees across the nation. I’ve seen some transformational growth that has kept me engaged, interested, and frankly extremely busy!


My Take on Corporate Sustainability

As you might imagine, Extra Space Storage is an aggressive company and we work hard to make a product that works for our customers and our shareholders.  My focus on facility management ranges from planning capital expenditures to daily maintenance and covers a pretty wide spectrum of issues and opportunities.

Several years ago I began to notice we could save money (a win-win for customers and shareholders) through conservation efforts focused on energy reduction.  There’s a lot of emphasis with environmentalists on efforts I’d say are nothing more than spreading “green” warm fuzzies.  Efforts that don’t accomplish much but make them feel good about saving the world. Although I’d like to save the world just for the sake of goodness and decency I’ve been more interested in finding ways for our company to save money while saving the world.  This can be a tricky balance, but after ten years of focusing on these goals I’ve got a strong track record that proves this can be done. Next week I’ll delve more into the various initiatives we’ve instituted at Extra Space Storage that have made a difference to the environment and to our bottom line.


 Continuing the Conversation on Sustainability

Read my weekly blog articles to see how Extra Space Storage is doing its part to conserve our earth’s natural resources and reduce its carbon footprint. Really, if I can figure this stuff out – anyone can…it’s not rocket science after all and it’s pretty obvious that we need to do our part to keep this planet healthy and our companies profitable.  My goal in blogging is to share our best practices in implementing sustainability and conservation efforts at Extra Space Storage.  I hope you’ll share with us some of the things you are doing to have an impact too. We can all learn from each other and as we implement green initiatives into our everyday lives, we will preserve our earth and its beauty for many generations to come.

Brent Hardy