An Eventful Earth Day 2012

Posted on Jun 6 2012 - 8:08pm by Brent Hardy

Earth Day 2012While I love the idea of Earth Day I sometimes forget it in the midst of other cares. This year it was on a Saturday and I somehow felt like I’d missed it… did it really happen and how was it celebrated?   So I looked into it and was impressed! The 42nd annual Earth Day on April 22 wasn’t just celebrated in America. Around the world, earth lovers marked the day with loving-kindness. In all, more than one billion people celebrated Earth Day in 192 countries! It’s very difficult for me to even name 192 countries, much less imagine all the Earth Day events. Here are a few examples of Earth Day happenings.


Earth Day Around the World

In Malaysia, hundreds of volunteers gathered to remove litter from a waterfall to help preserve their natural environment. In Iraq, more than 1 million students in 3,000 schools participated in various Earth Day activities with materials provided by their Ministry of Education.  


Earth Day in America

In Des Moines, Iowa, around 1,000 volunteers collected more than 6,000 pounds of litter, recyclables and tires for their “Earth Day Trash Bash.” In theaters across the U.S., the adorable Disneynature “Chimpanzee” movie had a really huge opening Earth Day weekend with profits going to help save the rainforest home of chimpanzees like those featured in the true-life film.


“A Billion Acts of Green” Goal Met!

Earth Day Network announced the success of their “A Billion Acts of Green” campaign that started in 2010. Yes, they actually helped to inspire a billion green acts performed by individuals, governments, organizations and businesses all around the world!


While Earth Day has passed for the year, the acts of green keep growing. You can help Earth Day Network reach their next billion acts of green by making a pledge to perform a green act like eating less meat.


Making a Measurable Difference

While it’s difficult to measure exactly how much any particular Earth Day ends up helping the earth, we can measure the probable results of certain green acts.  


For example, let’s look at how switching to organic food can help the earth. If all 434 million acres of U.S. cropland were switched to organic production, the resulting carbon dioxide savings would be similar to taking 217 million cars off the roads! (Source: OTA/The Rodale Institute) That’s more than a third of the cars in the entire world. The greater the demand for organic food, the more farmers will grow it, so never forget that you vote with your wallet.


Did you mark Earth Day in a special way in 2012? Are you working on green goals that you set on Earth Day?

Brent Hardy