Stylish Garage Storage

My garage is currently much like the pit of despair. Boxes go in, none ever come out, and people have been lost wandering the disorganized maze found within for days. I have tried to tackle it, but frankly, I need a game plan.


I need garage motivation.


Just like window shopping, searching online gives me a lot of ideas without the need to commit. I will commit, eventually, to the garage concept I need, but looking at what others have done to their garages is so inspirational.



Stylish Garage StorageSlatwall or TekPanel are useful and easy ways to create wall-mounted storage for your garage. They are versatile, efficient, and perfect when you want to store items visibly.










Garage Peg Board OrganizationMartha Stewart uses pegboard for organizing tools and shelves and a movable metal cart that serves as a workbench. Now, if only I could keep it looking this clean.











Garage Wall Paneling, Cabinets and FlooringA place for everything and everything in its place. This garage remodel has stations for gardening, sports, tools, and seasonal items. And there is still room to park a car or two. I think I’m in love.








Think up! There is a lot of space above your head in the garage, which is the perfect place to put all of those seasonal items (and winter clothes we just packed up). There are many companies that sell overhead storage racks that are durable and safe. Try one of these:



Garage MakeoverSometimes you don’t want your garage to be a… well, garage. I have long been a fan of the conversion possibilities of garages. This one, from Elle Décor, maintains some outdoor functionalities, and adds a toolshed and workspace. Plus, it’s chic.





Garage LoungeI don’t know where this garage owner’s boxes currently are, but it would be nice to have a cool lounge to chill in after a long day at work. Open up the garage door and make it a neighborhood party.






Turn your garage into the ultimate man cave, complete with pool table and flat screen tv. Or add a swing that kids can pull down and use when the weather doesn’t allow them to play outside, but you need them away from the inside.


Now that I am sufficiently inspired, it is time to get to work. What garage appeals to you the most?  What is the most unique use of a garage you’ve seen?  Do you prefer the traditional multi-functional garage (for cars and storage) or another use for the garage?

Jessica Johnson