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Just when I thought I had heard it all, I found even more weird things to come out of storage units. The stuff people store truly baffles me. Some things are way cool and make me ask “why would anyone ever put that in a storage unit?” Others are downright weird and sometimes even creepy leaving me to ask myself, “These kinds of people really do exist?” SCARY! Check out my latest weird findings:


Human Ashes – If you read my first article about weird storage findings, I talked about family members storing the ashes of deceased loved ones in storage units. Although thinking about that still leaves me scratching my head, I think I just one-upped it.

A funeral home in Colorado Springs, CO decided a storage unit would be a better home for their clients’ cremated ashes than spreading the ashes elsewhere. Hundreds of pounds of human ashes were found in this unit, some as old as 15 years!!! Can you imagine how upset you would be as a family member? To top it all off, the funeral home did a poor job of organizing and labeling the ashes (surprise surprise), leaving many families wondering which ashes were whose and if their loved one was ever spread.


Over 200 cats! – This one made me dry heave a little. Have you ever been inside a cat obsessed person’s house? I have! By far one of the most awful, suffocating stenches I’ve ever smelled came from that house. In Pasadena, CA a storage unit measuring approximately 600 square feet was the home to 238 cats and 2 dogs. Imagine the smell of that unit…actually don’t!

I’ve heard of hoarders and am easily grossed out by those kinds of stories, but cat hoarders? That’s taking it to a whole new level. The Pasadena Humane Society said this was the worst case of animal hoarding they’ve seen in their 108 year history.


Chicago Bulls Championship RingChicago Bulls Championship Rings!!! – I thought we’d end with one that doesn’t set off your gag reflexes. After attending a storage auction in Chicago, a man found two Chicago Bulls championship rings in the unit he purchased. Not knowing why the rings were encased in a plastic mold, the man researched this and later found that these rings were duplicates given to all season tickets holders during the years of the Bulls’ greatness. So maybe this isn’t as cool as finding an actual championship ring, but what a great collector’s item if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan! Plus, it sure beats a bunch of cats and human ashes!


Have you come across any weird storage findings? Maybe have a story of your own? Share them with us!

Garret Stembridge

2 thoughts on “More Weird Storage Auction Findings

  1. I’ve heard of people storing kitty litter in storage units because they were planning on recycling it! But they went to prison- I wonder who got to clean up that mess? Ha!

  2. Wow, there are some strange ones out there! So they PAID for a unit to store couple hundred cats? I hope the unit had a cooling/heating system? Sad.

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