Why I Run with a Dog Named Sprinkles: Update on my New Year’s Resolutions

  Most people have good intentions when making New Year’s resolutions, but fall short of actual accomplishment. If you’ve ever been to a gym during the month of January and February, you’ll realize there are WAY more people there than usual. Come March however, things are back to normal and the attendees are back down to the levels you know.   I believe there is a key element missing in our New Year’s resolutions – accountability! If everyone was held accountable for the resolutions they make, there wouldn’t be so many who fall short of the mark. For this reason I come to you today, to report on … [More]

Energy Efficiency Initiatives at Extra Space Storage

  Keeping track of almost 900 self storage facilities nationwide, I’m so busy it sometimes seems like I’m bouncing around like a beach volleyball in the Olympic Games! Yet, it’s nice to take a moment to set back, enjoy a long deep, breath, and take stock of accomplishments. At Extra Space Storage, we’ve come a long way toward being more sustainable as a company. In keeping with our commitment to corporate responsibility with energy management, we’ve implemented several sustainability programs in the last few years.   Our major initiatives are the energy efficient programs we’ve installed in the majority of our ~900 properties. These include a variety of … [More]

Your Office on Wheels

  Each day, you’re probably running around quite a bit – at home, at work, and everywhere in between! It can make your life (and work) a lot easier if you plan ahead for how you can best use your on-the-go storage space – typically your car – to help you stay organized while on the run.   Plan for paper. If you have frequently used documents like sales sheets, flyers, brochures, etc., you want to have those handy wherever you happen to be. Keep a small portable file tote in your trunk – that way you can have folders for your docs handy at all times. Also, … [More]

Summers are for Barbecuing

Somehow the first day of summer was here and already gone. How did I miss it? Before we know it, the Fourth of July will be here. That’s when I know we are in the thick of summer and all that comes with it: barbecues, swimming pools, baseball games, picnics, movies at the park, etc.   Barbecue parties are one of my personal favorite parts of summer. A great barbecue party is something that just can’t be beat. On the other hand, a lackluster barbecue party can be a total bummer; with only a few details, it could have been a great one.   What Makes a Barbecue … [More]

Green Warm Fuzzies and Other Thoughts on Sustainability

Some Background About Me (Brent Hardy) and Extra Space Storage When I started working at Extra Space Storage 11 years ago, we had an impressive 40 facilities and about 200 employees. Now, numbering more than 870 facilities to date, we have more than 2,000 employees across the nation. I’ve seen some transformational growth that has kept me engaged, interested, and frankly extremely busy!   My Take on Corporate Sustainability As you might imagine, Extra Space Storage is an aggressive company and we work hard to make a product that works for our customers and our shareholders.  My focus on facility management ranges from planning capital expenditures to daily … [More]

Summer Fun with Your Kids

My friend Anna does such a great job organizing her family for summer every year that  I asked her to write an article for this week’s organization post.  I know her thoughts will inspire you to organize your family for a productive and memorable summer!  Thanks Anna.  – Jessica Johnson Anna Macfarlane is a mother of four, freelance writer, and has written on her personal blog, ahhnna.com, since way back in January 2008.   Summer Fun with My Kids School has been out for an entire week. If I’m being honest, it feels more like a month. The kids are underfoot and, on occasion, under my skin. Bless … [More]

Tips for Storing Books

  I know that e-readers are gaining ground, but I still like books with real pages. And I’m guessing that many of you do, too. After all, who can stand to part with a favorite childhood book, or those college textbooks that will surely come in handy one day? While I do like my books, I don’t always have the space for them inside my home. Before sending my books off to self-storage, I give them pep talks! Uh, actually I just do what you’re about to read.   Climate Control is Key It’s all about temperature! Well, packing is important too, but it may not matter how … [More]

Three Big Things to Help the Earth

  Three things most of us do each day have a big impact on the earth. I’m talking about eating, flipping a light switch and using water in the bathroom. When it comes to these three areas, you can reduce your impact on the earth by making some simple choices with big environmental benefits.   Consider Where Your Food is Grown Transportation of food is a giant contributor of greenhouse gases. At your grocery store, look for a sticker or sign that tells you where the produce was grown, and encourage the manager to buy food grown closer to where you live. At the farmer’s market, develop a … [More]

Garage and Car Organization Tips

  Even people who have very organized homes often neglect two important areas – the car and the garage. It can seem overwhelming to organize the garage; these tips will make the process easier. The average American spends 10 to 15 weeks a year in the car; it’s worth spending a little time to organize your ride.   Keep in mind the purpose of the garage The garage’s main function is to store CARS! Your car is one of your most valuable possessions. Keeping the car in the garage will help protect it from damage and wear and tear from winter storms, falling debris in autumn, and summer … [More]

What You Store Tells Who You Are

My neighborhood seems to be shifting by seismic proportions these last few months. There is something about spring time that makes us all want to clean out, move and start new adventures. It’s more revolutionary than a new year.   One of my close friends and neighbors has decided to pack it all up and move to Central America. Just like that.   I walked through her home with her last week and we talked about all of her things. She had boxes full of items to donate, things to throw out, and some boxes she was going to bring with her. Then there was everything else.   … [More]