Summer Resolutions

Posted on May 25 2012 - 10:29am by Jessica Johnson

It seems like yesterday that I was making my list of resolutions for the New Year and wouldn’t you know it, this Monday is Memorial Day and the official start of summer! I can’t believe we are almost at the halfway point of this year.

If I could be so bold, I would suggest that the beginning of summer is a great time to reassess and get focused on any resolutions that may have slacked or replace them with better ideas to accompany the better weather.

Summer Resolution #1: Simplify

This is something I constantly need to work on: cleaning up and getting rid of things I no longer use. My mother used to say, “Fix it up, wear it out, make do, or do without.” I have never stuck to it, but I plan on getting a lot closer to following her old adage this summer.

I loved listening to the professional organizers tips on getting rid of clutter and excess during the Live Facebook Chat last week. This summer is my time to really tackle those spaces and better organize my storage spaces.

Summer Resolution #2: Health

Eat clean. The holidays are well behind us and many more months to come. This is the time to refocus my eating habits to healthy, fresh foods and retrain the body and palate to enjoying clean eating. I found this article on Pinterest, where the author outlines eating CLEAN with an acronym:

   C: Count Your Meals
L: Lean Protein
E: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
A: Avoid Processed and Refined Foods
N: Never Eat Mindlessly

Summer Resolution #3: Fun

It is time to get out and enjoy life. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the sprinklers are calling my name. In the summer, there are festivals and fairs happening almost every weekend and hiking and biking trails to be discovered.

I am making a personal to-do fun list for this summer. It’ll make me focus on enjoying this summer and I know it will be great to see how many I check off by the end. Some of the items are:
1. run through the sprinklers
2. have a watermelon-eating competition
3. make a teepee and sleep in it
4. hike a new trail
5. use an entire large container of bubbles in one day
6. go to a craft/art fair and buy something unique
7. make my own fruit popsicles
8. jump on a trampoline

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Have you ever made mid-year resolutions? Do you think you will join me in making new goals this Memorial Day?